Good places to sleep while on the road

Good places to sleep while on the road

Today we look at some good places to sleep while on the road. We all see shows like The Walking Dead where people move about and navigate a zombie infested landscape. During the daytime they seem to be having a good time, breaking skulls and fighting bad guys. But at night… Well that’s where it goes bad. It’s zombies overrunning a campsite, infesting your newly inhabited prison or messing up your nice farm house. It all happens at night, usually when you’re sleeping. So to prevent our readers from being eaten in their sleep, I’m going to give you some guidelines for a solid night of sleep during the apocalypse.

  1. Have a night watch if possible
    I’m saying if, because it’s not always possible to have someone on guard. Maybe you’re traveling alone, or just with one other person. In that case relying on one very tired person to stay awake is setting yourself up for failure. But if it’s possible, set up a guard schedule and have two people up at all times around your campsite.
  2. Sleep where zombies can’t go
    Now if you have a large group, this might be difficult, but when you’re alone ¬†or with just a few others this is important. If you don’t have enough people for a night watch, then finding a place where you can’t be surprised is immensely important. Preferably find a place that also functions as a good overwatch position. Like a large tree, a rooftop, top of a truck, you name it but it will probably be higher than where the zombies are. Because as we all know, they can’t climb that well.
  3. A good retreat
    Wouldn’t it be shitty, if you found a little shed in a field and started sleeping on the roof… To wake up in a field full of zombies? Of course it’s still better than waking up inside that shed, surrounded or already overrun by zombies. But nevertheless it still sucks and will ruin your morning. Finding a place to sleep where zombies can’t surprise you in your sleep is still more important, but if at all possible, make sure you have a safe exit. Some people might argue that, but what would be shittier? Waking up because zombies started ripping you apart, or waking up on a roof and having a fighting chance? Or at least going out at your own terms… Not a pretty picture, but it’s the apocalypse after all. A good place would be a series of rooftops, so you can move from one to another.
  4. Sheltered if possible
    If possible, sleep sheltered. This should be your last priority, because of course you’re traveling with at least a tarp and good sleeping bag. Because if you made it this far, there’s no way you haven’t gotten your hands on those two items by now. So finding a nice shelter, like a house or something else with a roof, can be a bonus but not your priority. Why is it still on this list? Because if you’ve been out in the elements for a while, finding a place that’s comfortable and where you feel safe with walls around you, is a huge morale booster. Remember that scene where Rick went to the police station and they had a shower? Yea that look on their faces… That’s a look I’ve seen many times.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and that it will help you survive the apocalypse. Just a little reminder, Waterborne is finally going to be released this June 15th! We’ve followed this project from the very start and can’t wait to see the result. Keep an eye on them!

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