Gifts for Your Zombie Prepper

Still trying to figure out gifts for your Zombie Prepper? Here are a few cool items I have come across in my search for my own wish list.


Max Brooks Boxed Set Max Brooks Boxed Set:  World War Z & The Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks ($24 Amazon)

This one is obvious; any zombie prepper has at least read one of these.  If you have not read World War Z, it is not like the movie.  The book far exceeds the films. Great stories, and a great way to get started preparing.



Emergency - Neil StraussEmergency – Neil Strauss ($13 Amazon)

Neil Strauss really pulls you along through his journey of learning how to be prepared. He really gives you a sense of what it’s like to start preparing and the mental change you have to go through in order to be ready. To this day he still has a goat and chicken in his back yard. This book really got me thinking about prepping and how I would handle my surroundings.



Surviving the Not-Dead UndeadSurviving the Not-Dead Undead: A Zombie Survival Guide – Brandon Lowery ($8 Amazon)

This guy takes the viewpoint as if zombies were not undead, but viral and contagious.  It’s geared for a more realistic situation of a biological outbreak. Pretty funny and entertaining.  Plus, I hear he’s handsome.




LifestrawLifestraw ($20)

Awesome and cheap.  This little bad boy has been saving lives overseas in third world countries that have terrible water quality.  Raw sewage in drinking water is a huge reason for disease in these nations.  And lets not forget, parasites.  This guy is small and durable.  It removes just about anything, except viruses and toxic metals.  It seems to be a little slow to drink from and has a finite lifetime, but I think well worth the price.


LifesaverLifesaver ($160)

This is friggin’ sweet.  The Lifesaver removes everything, you can even use it to filter your own urine, mmmmmm.  I’ll pass.  I haven’t been able to find anything on removing metals though.  It works on a pump pressure system and allows you to carry water with you on-the-go. The problem: Price.  It’s a little out of my price range, these are military based technologies, so maybe I will wait to see if the price drops.  But it’s not a bad idea to look for retailers nearby, so if things go down, you know where to find them.

Card Sharp KnifeCardsharp 2 Utility Knife ($4-6)

This looks like a handy little guy to have around. Its flat, can fit in your pocket, and folds to be able to handle pretty well.  Be sure you realize thought that this is a utility knife and not intended for everyday use.  A few negative reviewers seem to want to use it everyday.  It’s just that cool that you would want to use it everyday.


Truckers friendTrucker’s Friend ($60)

This is a “Back the F*ck Off” tool. It could be used as a weapon, but it shines as a great multi-tool. It’s a hammer, nail puller, crowbar, lever and axe.  Hack up a zombie and then build a house with the same tool.

Fury KubatonFury Tactical SDK Kubaton ($7 Amazon)

The catch with this little guy is learning how to use it.  I like this as a self-defense tool.  Other than zombies, you may have to deal with unruly people.  Hitting a pressure point with this bad boy will make them change their mind real quick. I carry one when I travel.  I suggest not carrying on your keys though, they can wreak havoc on your car ignition.



PPSS Bite Resistant Shirt ($?)

There is a lot to check out on this website. But the bite resistant clothing is a must have for the zombie apocalypse. It reduces the chance of teeth penetrating the skin. Now you just have to convince your zombie apocalypse team not to immediately shoot you as you might make it.



I am sure I missed a lot of other cool gadgets. Leave a comment below if you have some other suggestions to add to the list.

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Written by Brandon Lowery

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