Funny Shows To Watch While In Quarantine

Funny Shows To Watch While In Quarantine

With the whole country planning to go into lockdown, people are trying to decide what to do for the fourteen days indoors. What a better way to keep back and enjoy some TV time. But, what to watch? With so many choices on so many platforms, it’s hard to pick where to begin. These are my personal favorite comedies to watch on various platforms. I picked comedies because I need a break from all the doom and gloom the media is throwing at us, and I’m sure you feel me on this. Funny Shows To Watch While In Quarantine:

Big Mouth (Netflix)

Big Mouth my look like a harmless, educational show design for teenagers, but it is far from that. The show follows a group of kids entering their teen years and the start of puberty. They are each assigned a hormone monster to help them navigate their ever-changing bodies. It’s got quite a bit of dark, sometimes sexual, humor in it, so before you put it on for the kids I recommend watching it first.

Brinkleberry (Hulu)

This show is definitely for when you put the kids to bed. Just to give you an idea of the type of humor in this show it was created by Roger Black and Daniel Tosh. The show follows the misadventures of the worst forest rangers in the world. Every problem that occurs at the park is made worse by these rangers. If you loved Beavis and Butthead you’ll love Brinkleberry.

The Good Place (Netflix)

Even though this show was canceled this year, I feel it is a very good comedy. The show follows three misfits who have died on earth that somehow ended up in Heaven or The Good Place. The main character of the show is a small-time criminal named Elanor who is sent there by mistake. She quickly reveals to her assign soulmate Chidi about the mix-up. Instead of reporting this, he decided to make her a better person. Compare to the other shows on this list I feel this is the most family-friendly.

Community (Amazon)

This remains popular even though it has been off the air since 2015. It is about a lawyer named Jeff Winger. After finding out his Bachelor’s Degree is fake he joins the local community college to re-earn his credits to get his degree back. One day while he is flirting with a girl in his Spanish class he decides to form a Spanish study group. On the day of their first session, he is surprised to see others have joined his group. This gang of misfits then begins to form a tight bond of friendship with each other.

Duncanville (Hulu)

There are only a few episodes of this show available since it just came out this year. Duncanville is about your average Suburban teenager named Duncan. Duncan has a big dream with no plans of wearing a suit to get it. He’s got an overbearing mom, a lame dad, and two sisters. He spends most of his days playing computer games with his three nerdy friends. So far, I find the show quite humorous and strongly suggest others to at least check it out.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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