From Hell They Came: Part Four

By Joanna Prototype: From Hell They Came: Part Four. Alisha just stood there a while, staring at the door to the back room of the drugstore. An anger rose in her core. An anger she had been carrying with her for a while now. Everything she loved had been taken from her and all she could do was keep going. She had nothing left to hope for except to stay alive another day and even that was starting to seem like more work than it was worth. She wondered if she really even wanted to live in this world anymore. Her fingernails were caked in blood and she couldn’t even remember what it was like to not constantly smell death. She watched Dan and Ricky as they went into one of the back corners of the store and hit the ceiling until one of the ceiling boards fell down. A bunch of bags of chips and other snacks fell from the open hole. Dan and Ricky started packing it all into their bags.

Alisha walked over to them, “When did you put this here?”

Dan looked up, “What?”

Alisha repeated more frantically, stepping forward, “When? When did you first come here?”

Dan stood up and looked at Alisha with a concerned expression, “We came across this place a little over a week ago. It was already looted so we stashed some stuff here for safe keeping. Why? What’s wrong?”

“Was there anyone here?” Alisha asked.

“No, the place was abandoned.” Ricky told her.

Dan could clearly see that Alisha was upset but didn’t want to push the subject too much. He knew all to well how sensitive people were these days.

He simply said, “Would you like to tell us what happened here?”

Alisha seemed to snap out of her emotional trance and a stone wall slammed up around her at the question.

“No,” she told him, “I wouldn’t.”


Alisha’s shoulder hit the corner of the desk as she hit the floor of the back room. A sliver letter opener fell off the desk and onto the floor next to her. She grabbed it and lunged up at the man. He grabbed her wrist and bent it to the side. Alisha buckled under the pain and fell to her knees, dropping the letter opener. The man let go of her wrist and backhanded her across the face. Her head spun and the skin on her cheek burned. The man put his rifle to Alisha’s head and told her to stand up. Alisha stood, rubbing her wrist. She could hear Beth and Betty screaming from outside the room.

“Take off your clothes.” The man said, having a seat in the desk chair.

Alisha just stood there, glaring at him and holding her wrist.

“How about this,” the man said calmly, “Take off your clothes, or I am going to drag you back out there and make you watch me tear off your sister’s. Then I am going to blow her fucking brains all over your face.”

Alisha’s flesh boiled. She’d never felt so angry and aggressive, but if there was any chance that Beth would survive this, she was not going to be the reason it was lost. Reluctantly, with pure shame and disgust, Alisha began to undress. Her whole body trembled with rage and fear as she took off her clothes. The man watched her with beastly eyes. Finally she stood before him in just her bra and underwear. He told her to spin around for him. She obeyed.

“Now come here and get on your knees.” He told her.

Alisha suddenly couldn’t move. She wanted to close her eyes and disappear. She was so afraid and angry and worried for Beth. The man raised the rifle to her face again and repeated himself. Alisha knelt down in front of him.

“You know what I want you to do girl. Do it!” He told her, resting the rifle against her head.

Alisha’s eyes stung with hot tears of disgust as she did what he wanted. He leaned back in satisfaction and rested the rifle on the desk next to him. After a minute, he let go of the rifle and grabbed hold of Alisha’s head with both hands, forcing himself on her harder. As soon as she felt his hand touch her hair she grabbed hold of his wrists with all her strength and bit down as hard as she could. The man screamed as her teeth tore through the muscles of his member and ripped it from his body. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, but she spit his severed manhood in his face and kicked him as hard as she could in the wound. He fell to the ground and she quickly grabbed the rifle and loaded him with bullets.

Catching her breath, she tried to figure out how to keep the rifle firing. Finally getting it, she busted open the door and ran to help the others. In corner of the store, the other intruders were passing Betty and Beth between them while Oscar and Peter lay half conscious on the floor. Alisha ran straight for them, firing the rifle at the men’s heads. She took out two of them before they had a chance to respond. The last two started firing at Alisha, but she ducked behind the register. The firing stopped momentarily and Alisha took her chance, popping up with the rifle aimed. The two men were coming towards the counter and started shooting when they saw her pop up. Alisha managed to get a couple rounds off before ducking again, one of which hit one of the remaining men in the neck. He fell to the ground and flailed while blood sprayed from his neck. As the last man came up on the counter with his rifle aimed, suddenly he screamed and fell. Alisha popped up to see Beth on his back digging a long piece of metal into his spine. He screamed until finally freezing up and going limp.

Beth and Alisha breathed heavily as they stood over the dead men. Then Beth looked behind her and they both ran over to Betty, Oscar, and Peter. Betty was already trying to wake her brother and father. They were still alive but in very bad shape. The girls dressed themselves and gathered first aid supplies, then went to work patching up Oscar and Peter. Beth helped Alisha push all the bodies into the office for the time being. They didn’t know how many zombies they must have attracted with all the gun shots. There was a lot of noise coming from outside and it didn’t seem safe to open the doors just yet. When the guys were totally conscious again, they were more worried about Betty than themselves. She lied to them about what happened. Beth and Alisha let her lie to them. No one slept, for a long time they just sat in silence.


Dan and Ricky finished packing up everything. Alisha hadn’t moved from the spot she’d been standing in. Her eyes looked dead. Dan and Rick didn’t know what to do to help her so they just asked if she’d like to leave.

“Yea,” Alisha answered in a flat tone, “Let’s get out of this fucking city already.”

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Written by Joanna

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