Four Animals Most Likely to Become Extinct In the Apocalypse

Four Animals Most Likely to Become Extinct In the Apocalypse

4. Aquarium Fish

Sorry, but in a world, without humans, these little guys don’t have a fighting chance. They have almost no immune system, causing them to get sick quickly. They need the water to be kept at a certain temperature or they’ll freeze or overheat to death. Once, they realize that the food is gone they’ll turn on each other for survival. But, the biggest threat they face is not what’s inside the bowl, but outside. Dogs and cats are hunters by heart. So, without their constant daily feedings from there owners, it would take about a few days for them to resort back to there wild instincts. Once they do they’ll begin hunting for prey and will most likely start at home.

3. Cockroaches

Despite the popular myth that they can survive a nuclear blast, cockroaches are not as sturdy as you think. They mostly thrive in human dwellings because it is safe and there’s endless free food. Think of it as being locked in an all you can eat buffet where the food trays just keep filling. Without humans, these creatures will begin to be subjected to the elements they are unaccustomed to. Most likely the won’t survive the first winter deep freeze as they are very sensitive to the cold. Those lucky enough to survive will starve to death as they are unable to compete for what is left of the food sources.

2. Cows

Cows, particularly dairy cows will meet the most unsatisfactory ending of all animals. Cows have become so dependent on humans that they will die within the first years. Cows are on very sensitive timers so the slight change in it can cause them to fall apart. They eat 110 lbs of wet food that is primarily given to them through humans. Without this food, they will likely starve to death. Most are kept in pens for safety, so when an enemy enters there area they will be left defenseless if dehydration or the elements don’t kill them first.

1. My Dog Izzy

extinct dog izzy

Okay, this is one is a little bit of a joke to lighten up the mood on such a dark subject. My dog is a pug, and a spoiled one at that. She lives primarily in an oversized beanbag chair surrounded by squishmellows and pillows we call the ‘Puggy Throne’ as seen in the photo. She insists on being carried room to room. When we reach down to pick her up she does this cute thing was she plops on her side. We call it going dead weight. She knows I’m the pushover in the household, and knows if she gives me sad puppy dog eyes I’ll give her a bite or two of what I’m eating. Though she is on a diet where she is fed once a day, that doesn’t stop the occasional puggy snack from time to time. In other words, this spoiled little brat couldn’t survive without humans for a day.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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