Five Things Just as Toxic As COVID19 That Came From China

Five Things Just as Toxic As COVID-19 That Came From China

China has been an important trading partner with us for many years. It’s our third-largest exporter of goods and number one in imported goods. We spend 115 billion dollars on goods from this country. We depend a lot on China and due to recent events people have begun to wonder if we depend too much on them. Although COVID-19 seems to be one of the top reasons we should, metaphorically, divorce China this isn’t the first time something toxic has come out of there. Five Things Just as Toxic As COVID19 That Came From China: 

Food Contamination

This is the most popular of all the toxic items. It seemed every week a new food item that was made in China was being recalled for some reason. The fish we get often contains a lethal amount of mercury from water pollution. Fruit juices were coming back tainted with antifreeze. Fake produce is common a norm as they have sent us fake beans, peas, oil, etc. The worst story many of you don’t remember. Back in the mid-nineties, an “UNNAMED” sandwich cookie company was trying to boost sales by dying there creamy center red. The product came and went so fast that people vaguely remember them, but I do because I was one of the 150 people who got sick from the poisonous dye they used. A dye that was made in China. Nobody died and the story has long been forgotten by everyone.

Sickly Pet Products

This is also another all too common situation, but this is direr then we think. In China, there are no rules, regulations, or enforcement agency that investigates pet food manufacturing. Here in America our FDA does not check pet food imported into the country, leaving our furry buddies completely vulnerable to foul play. Even the labels on pet food made in China are false as it has been scientifically proven that the ingredients label are sometimes not even present. But, this doesn’t stop them from being our third-largest importer of pet food. Reports have shown that even after the food is recalled China still tries to put it back into the supply chain months later re-contaminating the lines again.


This story was popular in 2007, and again in 2018 when there was a massive recall on toothpaste bought by consumers at dollar stores. The Chinese manufacturers were making cheap knock offs of the brands we love and selling them to the dollar stores cheaply. If people weren’t getting antifreeze poisoning the little scam might have worked. Because of that people became concerned about using dollar store products because the deals were good, but were they getting what they were buying.

Dangerous Toys

Millions of toys are recalled every year due to unregulated manufacturing processes in China. China very lacks on Federal Trade laws that it is practically nonexistent. China strives to make goods as fast and cheaply as possible, without any regard for human safety. When it comes to toys the number one complaint is lead paint. The US has a ban on lead paint on toys because of the neurological damage it causes from lead poisoning, but this doesn’t stop China from sneaking a few in now and then. The second would be faulty assembly making many toys a choking hazard to young children and babies.

Lethal Beauty

China is the capital of counterfeit goods. From food to handbags you should always be careful what you buy from there, this is especially true with cosmetics. Fake cosmetics found in China have been known to contain mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide, human urine, and even rat droppings. Yuck! These harmful chemicals have seen users develop severe allergic reactions, burns, and disfigurements. They have even been linked to long-term health problems like high blood pressure and infertility. These fakes are very hard to spot since the Chinese manufacturers often use labels that make it appear to be a brand name by using a slightly altered version of there logo.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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