Five Songs That We Associate With Zombies

Even Though They Have Nothing To Do With Them

Five Songs That We Associate With Zombies

This is a popular topic among zombie preppers. We all have at one point made a list of songs we wish to play during our zombie slaughtering moments. This is also a fun way to get to know other zombiholics. There are certain songs on every playlist that everyone seems to have. These songs remain the most of zombies, despite having nothing to do with zombies. Five Songs That We Associate With Zombies. 

Don’t Stop Me Know” – Queen

You can thank Shaun Of The Dead for this one. In the movie, Shaun and his friends seek shelter at there favorite pub called the Winchester. While turning the power on the inside, Shaun notices a herd of a zombie right outside the door. He informs his girlfriend Lizz what he saw, but before he can warn the others his best friend Ed turns on a very loud slot game. The noise attracts the attention of the zombies outside. At the same time, they begin attacking the jukebox, which is on random, starts playing this song. Generally, Queen didn’t intend for this song to be about zombie killing. The song is about giving yourself the best life you can and enjoying it.

Down With A Sickness”- Disturbed 

This song has long since been on the zombie killing playlist even before it was used in the Dawn Of The Dead remake. The band says the meaning of this song is about how society treats people who are different as if they are sick and often avoid them. This is shown in the middle of the song when lead singer David Draiman sketches his mother beating him. Midway through it, he finally stands up for himself and hits her back. He said in an interview that part was about how the “Mother Society” abuses their children into cookie-cutter children, thinking like everyone else in society. I should also mention if you are a fan of this song check out the Richard Cheese version used in the Dawn Of The Dead remake. It’s very good.

Arma-godd**n-motherf**kin-geddon”- Marilyn Manson

This song is very complex and deep. It wasn’t used in any zombie films as far as I know but should be. It’s an interesting song with a great melody to it. Not much is known about the true meaning of this song, but that doesn’t stop fans from speculating what it means. Some think it is about how abortion and teen pregnancy are on the rise destroying the family unit. With Marilyn coming from a strong Catholic background this is a highly possible theory since the Catholic church is against both. A few believe it is based on his stance for being against the modern-day feminist movement. This could also be possible since he stated in an interview that even though he loves women then tend to be put off by his ‘incite masculine characteristics’. So, until the man clears it up for us we are left to ponder and create our theories.

Welcome To The Family”- Avenge Sevenfold

This is just begging to be used in a zombie movie; The powerful drum intro brings this whole song together. The history behind this song is pretty sad. It was the second song release without there original drummer ‘The Rev’. ‘The Rev’ sadly passed away in December of 2009 after losing his battle to drug addiction. The meaning of the song was about how everyone experiences hardships, suffering, and death in their lives. It was a way to show them they are not alone in this world, and they are one big family. This song was written as a way to cope with their drummer’s sudden passing. Rest in peace ‘The Rev’, you’ll live forever in the music you played.

Bodies”- Drowning Pool

Often mistakenly called “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”, this has to be the staple song on every zombie prepper kill jams list. It is the mosh pit anthem as the hardcore beats can whip any crowd into a frenzy. Strangely enough, this song is about mosh pit. Seriously, the meaning of this song is to explain the mosh pit code of conduct. It is also about the passion inside every Drowning Pool fan. The song is dedicated to their undying loyalty to the band. So, if you are a die-hard fan of the band play this song loud and proud because it’s about you.

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