Five College Majors Perfect For Preppers

Five College Majors Perfect For Preppers

College is the next great milestone for young adults. 75% of high school seniors will be attending their first-choice college. This year there will be 19.9 million students enrolling in various colleges this fall. Unfortunately, 53% of them will drop out by the end of there freshman year. With another 60% not earning a degree at all. They tell you in high school pick a degree in something you are passionate about and you’ll never work a day in your life. But what is that? With most freshman entering college they are doing so without a degree in mind, there are many choices that could prove not only beneficial now, but will be very useful in a post-apocalyptic world. Five College Majors Perfect For Preppers: 

Emergency Management

A degree in this field is available on multiple levels of study. It can prepare you for disaster risk reduction and prevention. It’ll help you develop critical thinking skills in a high-stress environment. Most of your skill sets will be focused on the aftermath of a disaster. You’ll be able to help your community organize a proper clean-up. You’ll also be assigned the critical tasks of helping the local CERT teams distribute supplies among the residents of a hard-hit area.


Anything in this field will do. This will become the highest in-demand profession in a post-doomsday world. Just look at society now with how we view them as heroes for keeping COVID-19 at bay. They are doing this while also helping the other sick and injured patients that come into the hospital. They are working night and day to keep us safe. They have very strong communication and teamwork skills that they use to keep things running smoothly. They can also be the most empathetic members of the group since they are often the deliverers of bad news at times.

Agricultural Science

Mankind can only live three days without food, and we are nine mills away from Anarchy. Your job will be to use theoretical study and practical applications in the farming world. You’ll have advanced knowledge on how to raise a strong, bountiful harvest. People who study this know how to come up with ethical and environmental solutions in order to feed the largest number of people possible. Few go on to get more specializations, like livestock production.


We have seen and use the work of engineers every day. They are the ones he builds our roads, our power plants, they even design products we use on a daily basis. Engineers combine scientific discovery with commercial applications. It could be designed and build big items like a dam or wind turbine, or something small like toys or cell phones. Many often choose a specialty field like Civil or Material Engineering. A specialty you’ll want to get is Biomedical Engineering. This is the field responsible for designing artificial organs and prosthetic limbs.


The world is going to be a messed up place. There isn’t going to be a single person who hasn’t seen the death of someone they love. Many of them would have been the one to kill them in the first place. Many people think killing a zombie is going to be easy, but the truth is it’ll cause a lot of emotional scarring. Scarring only you can heal. You’ll have the job of helping others deal with death, PTSD, and other mental disorders. You’ll also be the voice of reason among debates and you might be called upon to settle disputes among team members before things escalate to the unimaginable.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

M.L. Lewis is not new to the world of writing. She has written various short stories and poems throughout the years and has won multiple awards in art and literature. The highest honor she received was Poet of the Year in 2000, and again in 2005. A poem she wrote in honor of law enforcement can be seen in the book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Heroes in Blue. She was also featured in Encounter magazine for the volunteer work she did for the United States troops. In 2010 she won Resident of the Year in a local newspaper titled The South Hills Messanger. Today, she spends her time increasing her knowledge on disaster preparedness while working on her Ph. D. in Paranormal Studies.

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