Five Classical Pieces Of Literature We Need To Preserve

Five Classical Pieces Of Literature We Need To Preserve

Reading has always been a beneficial hobby, for those who don’t have regular contact with people. Reading for an hour a day has been scientifically proven to promote many physical and mental benefits. By reading every day you’ll learn something new daily. People who read are proven to be more cultural and more knowledgeable about current events. It is very therapeutic and can relieve stress during difficult times by providing readers a mental escape from the chaos outside. With many amazing titles of books out there it was hard to narrow it down to five choices. Every book you see should be saved if possible, but these were the ones that changed our world the most. Five Classical Pieces Of Literature We Need To Preserve: 

Alice In Wonderland

This book was a major turning point in the literary world. The book was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson as Lewis Carroll in 1865. It is known as one of the best-known pieces of fiction literature and is still being printed to this day. The book went against the social norms of society at the time, particularly the use of drugs. The book is about the main character Alice who falls into a rabbit hole and enters an underground fantasy of world populated by unique, anthropomorphic creatures like the Mad Hatter.

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit

This is something my mother recommended I add to this list. Beatrix Potter published this book in 1901 by Fredrick Warnes. & Co. This was a huge accomplishment at the time because publishers rarely printed books written by women. Beatrix printed books with children in mind. This is why she used watercolors and printed in such a small size was children can hold them easily. The book is about a rebellious little rabbit named Peter. His mother told him time and time again to stay out of Mr. McGregor ‘s garden. One day while sneaking into his garden Peter gets busted.

To Kill A Mockingbird

This 1960 Harper Lee novel is one of the most read books in high and middle schools across the US. It is one of the most important titles in American Literature. It is such an amazing novel that it won the most prestigious literary award, the Pulitzer Prize, 1961. It even went to spend 40 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. This book tackled the most controversial subjects of the time, rape and racial inequality. The book is told through the eyes of a six-year-old girl named Jean Louise Finch, who prefers to be called Scout. She is telling the story about her father, a well-known attorney named Atticus Finch, who takes on the most talked-about case in town. The case is about a black man named Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

This is a personal favorite of mine. Growing up, I became a Harry Potter junkie, and read every book as they came out. This series also jump-started kids’ interest in reading again. Around the time the series began, electronics were becoming more normalized in the household. This caused childhood reading to decline. Harry Potter is about an orphan boy named Harry, who lives with his abusive aunt and uncle. His parents were murdered when he was a baby, leaving him with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. When he turned eleven, he learned that he is a wizard and is sent to a magical school named Hogwarts. The series follows the adventures of him and his two friends, Ron and Hermoine, as they deal with many challenges, including facing the man who murdered Harry’s parents, Lord Voldemort.

Religious Material

Religion is going to be important in any crisis. When people want answers for the unexplained they often turn to a God for what they seek. Religion is something we all have in common, we all believe there is some form of higher being out there taking care of us. To many, this brings great comfort to them. With hundreds of beliefs out there, it’s hard to narrow it down to what is important and what isn’t. Personally, this is more of a self-journey question, some religions don’t work with some people, so you’ll need to find your own way in life.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

M.L. Lewis is not new to the world of writing. She has written various short stories and poems throughout the years and has won multiple awards in art and literature. The highest honor she received was Poet of the Year in 2000, and again in 2005. A poem she wrote in honor of law enforcement can be seen in the book, Everything You Wanted to Know about the Heroes in Blue. She was also featured in Encounter magazine for the volunteer work she did for the United States troops. In 2010 she won Resident of the Year in a local newspaper titled The South Hills Messanger. Today, she spends her time increasing her knowledge on disaster preparedness while working on her Ph. D. in Paranormal Studies.

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