Episode Seven: Open Your Eyes

***Warning: This article contains spoilers! Viewer Discretion is Advised!***

Episode Seven: Open Your Eyes

Spoiler Alert: Episode Seven: Open Your Eyes

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was quite the roller coaster! It starts with Siddiq doing house calls as he’s patients keep getting sicker from an unknown illness. While taking care of his patients, he is trying to find the root cause of the outbreak in order to get ahead of it. This is proving to be quite the task since those infected have nothing in common. At the same time, he is battling nightmares surrounding the barn massacre of last season. 

Carol and Daryl return to Alexandria with their Whisperer prisoner. The first thing they do is throw Lydia out of the cell to make room for him. Lydia recognizes the prisoner as one of the watchers of the horde. Father Gabriel learns about this and is upset with Carol for taking a Whisperer as a prisoner. After a heated argument over the situation he demands to be part of the interrogations, but first, the prisoner must get medical treatment for his open wounds. Carol takes Lydia home to discuss a possible strategy to get the Whisperer to talk. Lydia discloses the best way to get to him is by showing him the joys of civilization. She says that her mom, Alpha, plays mind games on her followers, making the Whisperers dependent on her for everything. Back in the cell, Siddiq and Dante arrive to patch up the injured Whisperer. The Whisperer quickly identifies Siddiq from the barn massacre. Realizing that Siddiq was getting more and more distraught over the Whisperer’s comments, Dante sends him from the room.

Outside of Alexandria, Gamma and Aaron are talking at the border. Gamma notices him eating bread and asks how he gets it. Aaron tells her about Alexandria’s booming flour production skills. The conversation then switches to a picture in his bag that Gracie drew for him. It is of them riding bikes together. This stirs up emotions in Gamma as she remembers her now-deceased sister. Aaron decides to use this approach to better understand Gamma by telling her he lost a brother. Aaron then mentions he knows that Gamma is only there to get intel on Alexandria. Gamma, realizing her friendship plan isn’t going to work runs off with the picture. Once away she looks at the picture more closely, thinking of her sister, when she is attacked by a walker. In fear, she kills the walker. Alpha becomes upset with her for not only killing the walker but for showing Aaron her weakness. After she punishes Gamma she orders her to go back and get the information she needs to bring down Alexandria.

In Alexandria Carol begins her interrogation of the Whisperer. She starts by taking Lydia’s advice and offers him an array of jams and honey. The Whisperer seems interested at first but spits jam in Carol’s face. Carol then switches tactics to a more violent approach. The Whisperer still refuses to talk, maintaining his loyalty to Alpha. Daryl takes over by threatening to cut off his fingers. The Whisperer says he loves Alpha and knows Alpha loves them because she killed Lydia to protect them. This is when Carol gets an idea and runs out of the cell to get Lydia. Daryl follows her in protest, demanding they leave Lydia out of this. Suddenly the Whisperer becomes violently ill and dies unexpectedly. While looking over the patient Siddiq finds a bottle of medicine on him. He asks Dante about the bottle. He admits to giving it to him for pain and inflammation this morning. Turns out what Dante thought was yarrow, was actually poisonous hemlock. Dante said he didn’t know it was there because Siddiq packed the bag before they left the hospital the first time. While the doctors figure out who made the hemlock mistake, Father Gabriel and Daryl discuss how to clean up the mess without anybody knowing. Meanwhile, Carol takes Lydia on a personal mission because Lydia wants to help the two groups make peace. 

Later on, while making his rounds, Siddiq visits Caryl’s room to find her gone and the bed stripped. Thinking the worse he heads to the cemetery to find Dante digging a grave for her. As the stress of recent events finally catches up to him Siddiq begins to have a panic attack. He finally snaps and jumps into a nearby lake. He is quickly rescued by Rosita, who demands to know what is wrong. He says he is still traumatized by the events that unfolded in the barn. Rosita tries to comfort him, but it doesn’t work. He connects his failure at the barn with the failure of containing the outbreak. He begins comparing notes when he finally realizes what everyone had in common, they’ve been drinking water from the same reservoir. 

Nightfall arrives and Gamma is waiting at the border for Aaron to return. When he does she offers him the picture back. He insists she keeps it, but she throws it to the ground demanding he takes it back. When he goes to grab it she jumps him. She demands answers from him with a knife to his throat. Carol arrives with Lydia just in time to save Aaron’s life. Gamma becomes overwhelmed with shock upon seeing Lydia alive runs away in tears. This is when Lydia learns that Alpha told everyone she was dead to push her anti-civilization agenda harder on the Whisperers. Lydia becomes upset that Carol was using her to turn the Whisperers against Alpha that she switched sides and runs away across the border. 

Finally, Dante goes to check on Siddiq after seeing he was still up. Dante takes apologizes for not being more helpful. Siddiq on the other hand still maintains he is the one to blame for everything. Dante insists that he should not bear all the blame because it is a village and everyone carries equal weight. When something goes wrong everyone carries the burden of responsibly. After comforting Siddiq he starts clicking his tongue. Suddenly Siddiq realizes Dante was a whisperer and participating in the barn massacre. Dante realizes Siddiq has identified him as Siddiq attempts to grab his ax. The two begin to fight. The episode ends with poor Siddiq’s untimely death. 

RIP Siddiq.

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