Enter the Virtual Zombie land with These 5 Zombie Video Games

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that video games change our brains. They change the patterns of our thought. They instill in us a way of imagination and control that nothing else could generate. Be it some retro video games or some new age play station stuff, video games gift us with better neural systems and higher concentration power. It triggers our imagination of universes and situations that may or may not exist- of apocalyptic world views, with us running for our lives, making decisions that would differ the life and death of our character in the game. Now how is it possible that we talk about the apocalypse and imaginary situations, and yet not talk about zombies?! Exactly, it is not possible indeed. Zombies make up quite a good genre in the gaming world. They create situations worth getting scared of. Check out these awesome games that give you experiences odd goose bums like never before:

  1. The Walking Dead:

Programmed by Carl Muckenhoupt, Randy Tudor, and Keenan Patterson, this is a single-player game of the genre of interactive drama and graphic adventure. The game can be played on a variety of devices starting from android and Xbox to play stations and PCs. It is based on the famous English TV series “The Walking Dead”. The game, however, deals with a set odd different characters consisting of a college professor and a convict named who protects a young girl, helping her search for her parents and safely handing her over to them. The game does not encourage puzzle solving, but rather emphasizes character development and the story line where the characters are expected to take quick and live changing decisions.

  1. Dying Light:

Programmed by BartoszKulon, this is a game belonging to the genre of action-adventure and survival horror. It is an open-world first-person survival game that can be a single-player or multiplayer as well. It was once launched to be played on PS 3 and Xbox 360 but the plan could not be followed up due to hardware insufficiency. It is now played on Microsoft Windows, PS 4 and Xbox 1. The game revolves around an undercover agent who is to survey a quarantined area. The mission becomes harder as the area has a dynamic day-night cycle and the zombies become more aggressive and harder to control or tackle as night befalls over the area.

  1. World War Z:

Developed Saber Interactive, and published by Mad Dog Games, this is a co-operative multiplayer shooting game. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 and Xbox 1. The game is vaguely based on a 2006 book, having the same name. The story on the game consists of a scenario where four players are fighting a large group of zombies in an apocalyptic world in fifteen different locations such as Moscow, Johannesburg, Auckland, New York, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Sidney and so on. The game keeps up with the ambiance that its name creates. The players can choose from six different classes, where if some character is good with the grenades, someone else specialises in crowd management. And as a player goes through progressing in the game, new weapons and armours are provided.

  1. Left 4 Dead:

Developed by Valve South and published by Valve, this 2008 video game is as interesting as it sounds. It is one of the most liked video games that take you on adventures in the zombie land, making your adrenaline rush like never before. The game is available for Windows, Xbox 360 and OS X and can be played by a single player or as a multiplayer game as well. Pennsylvania is suffering a “green flu” outbreak and four immune survivors find themselves fighting off the zombie forces. They through a lot of turmoil attempt to survive their lives from the infected towns. The game is all about team play and helps instill among the players a sense of protectiveness and adds a tinge of realism to the game as well.

  1. Dead Trigger:

Last but not the least, this game is the most acknowledged of the zombie video games discussed so far. Published by Madfinger Games, this is a game that can be played on PC or iOS. It belongs to the genre of first-person shooting and survival horror. The game begins traditionally, in the middle of the map street letting you choose from a variety of options Spread out in front of you. The missions can be generic and common and usual or it can be story-based. The player if he wants to can play for a little bonus mission gold bonus in the game. The game has two kinds of currency-namely cash and gold, and by surviving as many missions as possible, the player gets experience points and can level up to new weapons and items in the shop.

You now know the keys to turn in case you want a thrilling and adventurous gaming session filled with zombies running around free in an apocalyptic world. The best part being the versatility of the range of devices the games can be played on and also the number of players it can afford.

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