Do NOT keep calm!

Do NOT keep calm!

Everybody always tells you: Keep calm and be safe… Well I think that’s just bullshit. When the zombie apocalypse hits, you don’t stay calm! You go in hyper mode.

First of all, you won’t stay calm. You’re either scared shitless, or super excited that it’s finally there. You’ll have adrenaline pumping through you, you’re plans go into action, zombies everywhere, people running around like crazy… you… won’t… stay…. calm…

So, what do you do? Keep your head together, try to rationalize and improvise the best you can. All those people who say you just have to stay calm, will die the first few hours. They’re going to freak out about the fact they can’t stay calm, so they’ll freak out more over that and just keep going.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a difference in staying calm and keeping your shit together. When your life’s in danger, you will not be calm, but you CAN keep yourself together. Huge, huge difference!

About that hyper mode. It means you think fast and act even faster, you don’t fuck around, you run, hurry, execute any plan you might have had. Keep that adrenaline going until you and the people you care for are safe. After that, there might be some time to “keep calm, ya know, chill…”

Wrong! During any event where you’re surrounded with things/people/former people, who want to eat you alive, shoot you, take your stuff and go to town on your family…You will be on edge all the time.

Maybe.. Maybe after a long time, when the world around you “calmed down”, you can take a breath and relax for a bit. But this will be long after the outbreak, when you’re in a new build town, guarded by others…

So, to sum things up for those who think they’ll just chill out as in a Coke Zero commercial.. You’re wrong! It’s a good thing to be on edge and in hyper mode when the world goes to shit. It makes you capable of things you never thought your “calm self” could do.

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.