Deep In – Part 1

The jungles of Kerala, India, are vast, the state is literally overflowing with nature, you’d think that would be good but it isn’t. Tigers and wild monkeys roam the jungle at night, hunting for food.
We knew this, yet we had to go into the “Apayam” jungle to get away from the Z’s, the Z’s were slow but aggressive to fight, especially in packs.

Our story takes place exactly 6 days after the virus started to spread.

We were deep in the jungle where we found a patch of land surrounded by trees, we intended to set up camp for 2 days until the submarine had arrived for our exfil. We set up pieces of rope around the trees with cans attached to it to make a rattle if anything touched it.

Everyone was terrified, nobody wanted to sleep, but we needed to rest up and gain our energy back, we’d been running through the city with our rifles all day trying to avoid everything. Cochin had fallen, it was a wasteland with blazes of fire all around us.
The streets were flooded with cars trying to get out of the city, we should’ve looted them, we were starving, all we had were the cans of spam and beans, but it was better than nothing.

Toby, Omar and I were out here on vacation before the outbreaks happened, we thought “Fuck it”, because we hadn’t visited this part of India before, we were at a resort near the city before shit hit the fan, we ran through hordes of the dead just to find salvation.

We picked up Kash and Jaz on the way, they were on vacation too, they encountered a small horde and we helped them handle it. Omar liked Kash, he was starstruck when he saw her swing that fire axe over that Z’s head, so we decided to shack up with them in a hotel room for a few days because our dumb-ass friend wanted to risk his life for love.

3 days into our stay at the hotel room, Toby had managed to fix an old shortwave radio, there was a broadcast over a channel from a nuclear submarine near an old harbor, they were going to stay there for 2 days to pick up survivors. We decided to get on the move immediately, we drew up our route on the map and figured it was a few hours away by car, but a day and a half by foot.

This ultimately brings us to that godforsaken jungle. A whole day of running our asses off and we finally got to rest up. Half way through the night we heard noises, everyone got up and grabbed their weapons. The fucking monkeys were observing us from the trees like we were caged animals (which is ironic when you think about it), they were making those “Ooh-ooh ah-ah” sounds that they make, they seemed distraught by something, I assumed it was a few of the dead we saw in that house on the hill, we avoided that place for a damn good reason. I went out a few feet from the camp and I was right, the Z’s came down from that house on the hill, it looked like they just had a meal since they were covered in fresh blood.

Everyone sighed in relief and tried to go back to sleep, I stayed up to keep watch, i didn’t have a good feeling in my gut, maybe it was the spam and beans, but shit, the jungle was scary as hell at night.

To my surprise, a whole 5 minutes later, I saw a damn tiger 20 feet away from us, I kicked everyone’s shins to get up and pick up their shit so we could leave. Toby and Jaz stayed calm, they were completely speechless for what we had just come across. Omar and Kash on the other hand, freaked the fuck out, they were scared of lil ol’ kittens so obviously they started screaming when they saw that damn tiger.

The tiger was spooked, it bolted towards Omar and Kash. Toby and I shot at it, but it was too fast, we couldn’t get our sights on it. Within seconds, the tiger ripped them limb from limb, we managed to get a few shots off on it to kill it as they were being mauled. There was nothing we could do against this beast, the lovers were bleeding out, Omar’s arm was ripped to shreds and Kash’s femoral artery was slit open. Toby and Jaz started sobbing for the loss of our mates.

I couldn’t bring myself to cry, I had to put them out of their misery, a swift knife to the back of the head did it, we buried them and said a few words. We were once again, terrified, the three of us had to keep moving, we lost our friends but we had to get out of that fucking jungle.
“Apayam” means danger in Malayalam, Malayalam is what’s spoken in Kerala, we should’ve thought better to put our safety in the hands of a jungle named after Danger.

We reached the Sub by sunrise where we were welcomed by some Indian soldiers, there was one other survivor that managed to make it to the sub. A girl our age who seemed like she had been through twice the amount we did, she was covered in blood, as if she had bathed in it.

She was from that house that sat on the hill, she was on holiday with her family, they were all dead and I was the one to put their souls to rest.

We were relieved to reach the sub but we knew this was just the beginning of what we’d have to deal with. We were Deep In.

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