Could They Survive: Joe Exotic (AKA Tiger King)

Could They Survive: Joe Exotic

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Survivability: 3/7

Who Is Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic ran a wildlife sanctuary that specialized in big cat rescue in Oklahoma. He is hugely popular today due to a Netflix series based on his crimes titled, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness or Tiger King for short. I should let you know that this part will contain spoilers, so reader discretion is advised. What had happened was there was a guy named Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, who went by his stage name Joe Exotic. Joe began working on a farm when he was five years old. When he became an adult he joined a police department in Texas where he worked his way up through the ranks to become chief. After being outed as gay he attempted suicide which leads to him being discharged by the police force. He went on to work various jobs like helping his brother Garold operate a pet store in Arlington. His love for animals grew and grew. In 1997 shortly after Garold’s death, he sold the pet store to open Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park (G.W. Zoo). Shortly after opening this park, another woman opened a similar park name Carole Baskins (who murdered her husband for the record). They two began an ongoing feud for years until Joe was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill her. While investigating this crime police uncover multiple violations at his zoo and added charges of animal abuse to his record. He is currently incarcerated at the Grady County Jail in Oklahoma where he is looking at a 22-year sentence if found guilty. Joe filed an appeal against his current judgment on March 2020 and has requested a presidential pardon from Donald Trump. As of now, there is no date currently set to hear his appeal.

His Skills

Growing up on a farm lets us know that he is probably knowledgeable about basic homesteading skills like planting, harvesting, and animal care. Oklahoma is a rural state so there’s a good chance he hunted and fished a lot during his childhood years. According to the reports, he ran the G.W. Zoo much like a commune. Humans are a great resource to have to keep the community running. They can help aide in supply gathering and zombie removal. He ran a zoo populated with dangerous animals like tigers which make for a great defense. This will also give had an advantage since he probably knows multiple ways to avoid being bitten. He would be able to survive at least during the short-term. What would be his biggest downfall will be his ego. He treats people and animals poorly, which will play to his demise early on. After a few months of abuse, his people will turn on him and most likely kill him to take power back.

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