Could They Survive: Cloud Strife

Special shout out to Kenneth Lipps, Chase Lawrence, and Stephen Crabtree for helping me with the research for this character. Could They Survive: Cloud Strife?

Today is the first Friday where we begin a new series called “Could They Survive:..”. It is where I rate the survival capabilities of our favorite pop culture icons should they end up in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. I will rate these characters on a scale of 0-7; zero meaning most likely to die and seven being the ultimate survivor. With the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake last week I decided to start with a strong character from the game.

Survivability: 6/7

Who Is Cloud Strife

Cloud is the main protagonist in the Final Fantasy games and the film Advent Children. He is also one of the most powerful characters in the game with the highest stats. Even though he presents himself as a former 1st class SOLDIER who defected from Shinra (the electric company ruling the planet), he is actually a mere infantryman. The reason he possesses the same skill sets as a SOLDIER is that he unknowingly impresses the memories and fighting abilities of his cocky, headstrong best friend Zack, who died tragically in an event known as the Nibelheim Incident. Cloud is steadfastly loyal and true to those he loves and will stop at nothing to protect them. He has proven multiple times throughout the games that he is selfless and kind natured. Even though he appears to be a hardened, brooding character he does possess a dry, ironic wit.

His Skills

He has become proficient in copying Zack’s combat and survival capabilities which are strong requirements for being a SOLDIER. He can ride a motorcycle (Chocobo), snowboard, and climb mountains. He has basic knowledge in first aid and can administer CPR when needed. His current job is a work for hire mercenary (merc) in Midgar which tells us he is an expert at killing in silence. He is a very proud and arrogant swordsman, which can play a weakness in a survival setting. Because of this, his weapon of choice is a broadsword called “The Buster Sword”. It is a five or six-foot long sword with a single-edged, one-foot wide blade that makes up most of the sword’s length. Because of its sheer size, someone would need to have super strength to swing it with such accuracy they way he does with one hand. The sword was passed to him by Zack after his death. Cloud can perform multiple attacks using the sword like Climhazzard, Focus Thrust, and his signature move Omislash. Omislash is when he can kill multiple enemies fifteen times under the effect of automatic critical hits. Cloud is also talented in elemental magic which helps improve his skills, speed, and health. He can also perform an array of attacks such as fire and blizzard. You can combine multiple elements to summon god-like creatures such as Bahamut. Though this is a very limited ability since you need a type of material (materia) to use that particular element’s skill, meaning you can’t cast fire without the fire materia. This could also work in the zombies’ favor, because if you use an element they already possess then you can make them stronger. Overall he stands a very good chance for surviving the zombie apocalypse should he happen to find himself in one.

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