Common Mistakes in a Zombie Outbreak

Common Mistakes in a Zombie Outbreak

Here are many mistakes that a person can make when trying to survive through a zombie apocalypse. This article will cover some of the main mistakes that you don’t want to make during your first time in the zombie plagued wasteland.

Combating Zombies

Lighting Zombies on Fire

Although it is a tempting concept, refrain from using fire to combat the undead. Most zombies are oblivious to fire, much less afraid of it, and although fire does eventually kill zombies, it takes a long time to do so and since they are unfeeling, they will continue to come at you, now even more dangerous. The flaming ghouls are also a threat to your place of refuge and any supplies that you have within it.
Using a Close-Range Weapon

Although melee weapons are common in zombie films, games and books and many self proclaimed experts suggest the use of melee weapons, they should be a last resort only. The close range required to engage the zombie will increase the chance of getting infected by either bite or the blood splatter. Also, most melee weapons won’t break a human skull in one hit.

Underestimating the Undead

Although zombies are in essence the mangled, decomposed corpses of humans, that does not make them any less deadly. When in a zombie-filled environment, you must resist the temptation to underestimate them. For starters, avoid close range combat with ghouls, you have a much better chance of defeating the undead if you stay out of range of their arms. When you are fighting in close proximity to the walking dead, do not try to overpower it. Even if you do manage to wrestle it to the ground, it can easily bite your arm or hand, infecting you on the spot. On another note, don’t underestimate the senses of the undead. Although they don’t look like it, they have a good sense of hearing and can locate you if you make too much noise.

Style over Substance

It’s generally the case that the more complex or overwhelmingly powerful the weapon you are using, the greater chance you’ll die (good examples of such weapons are chainsaws, large caliber handguns, machine guns and flamethrowers). The reason for this is simple, and spans the entire history of human conflict. Societies have developed methods of warfare designed to be used with increasing efficiency against living enemies whereas conflict against the undead takes place on a more basic level with one goal: destroying the brain. High tech weaponry and gear can also create a false sense of security, a dangerous attitude of assumed invincibility. This effect is especially true to those who choose to wear armor. Wearing clothing and a hairstyle that will deter a zombie from grabbing you is far superior to just about any armor on the market today. When the dead rise, some of the first casualties will be the show-offs, attempting to look like some sort of bad-ass from an action film and getting themselves killed in the process. Simple methods, tools and weapons are often safer and/or more efficient to use, and style counts for nothing in a survival situation. Remember, if you see a potential weapon and think to yourself “I’d look damn cool fighting a zombie with this thing!”, you should probably reconsider.

Weapon Use

Dale dies hahaMany newcomers to the world of the undead go with the “supercommando” strategy: load up on the biggest and baddest weapons, and run around killing as many zombies as they can. This is ultimately pointless, as a survivor’s primary goal in a zombie apocalypse should not be the destruction of zombies, but simply that of long-term survival. If the infection has progressed to the point to be described as an “apocalypse”, there will inevitably be far too many zombies for even a large group of survivors to effectively destroy. This is further exacerbated when the “supercommando” has no experience or only the most basic idea of how to use the weapons in general, especially against zombies.

Rescuing People

When the outbreak strikes, many people feel strongly compelled to search for friends or family to rescue them, without considering the circumstances or making any plans or preparations whatsoever. Simply rushing out to go and save someone without even the vaguest notion of where exactly they are, how you’re going to get there or how you’ll defend yourself against the undead will only get you killed, and you won’t be able to help anyone if you’re dead (or, worse, undead). Take a moment to consider the circumstances before departing on any haphazard rescue missions:

  •     Distance: The greater the distance between your friend or family member and you, the more difficult it will probably be to reach them, and the greater the probability that they won’t be there when you arrive.
  •     Location: If they live in a remote or sufficiently defensible area, they may be safer than you are. Don’t get yourself killed by rushing to them assuming they need your help this instant when they may not be in danger.

Have you ever made mistakes in a zombie apocalypse? Or have things to add to what we just wrote about? Or maybe just want to tell us we did a great job? We would love to get a discussion going on here in the comments section or at the forums! So feel free to respond, comment and discuss 😉

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Written by Daniella Vega

Avid prepper and kick-boxer. Fascinated by the undead and everything zombie. Not your typical girl, beware of dogs! Daniella is in the process of writing her first book "The dead aren't dead, tales from the autopsy room". Besides writing about anything zombie related, she enjoys a good glass of wine and the beach outside her home. Personal trainer by day, apocalypse nerd by night.