Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit

Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit

Ok, fair enough, everyone wants to look cool while they’re slaughtering zombies. The fact is, you would not have the luxury of looking cool if you were busy trying to stay warm and guard against zombie bites and scratches. You’d need to dress appropriately for a number of possible situations. Not only can you never be sure when you’ll be running from the undead, you also have no idea when you’ll be stuck in a rain storm or heat wave. Now I’m sure some of the less survivalist readers are thinking to themselves, “Wouldn’t I just be stuck in whatever I was wearing?” Basic Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit…

The answer to that is, yes initially, but having or finding proper clothing will be extremely important. Most survivalists will have extra clothes and protective garments ready in their kits. For those who don’t, I have put together a list of clothing items and protective gear you should try to collect preferable before, but definitely during the zombie apocalypse.

10. Extra Underwear.

It’s not delightful to think about, but you need clean underwear. This is true especially for woman. Dirty underwear can obviously lead to infections and going without any can be uncomfortable.

9. Extra Socks.

Even with the best boots your feet will eventually get wet and/or sweaty. If your feet get wet and cold, your body temperature wil drop quickly. The opposite goes for sweaty feet. Your socks get soaked in sweat and your feet can’t breathe, your body temperature with rise. Not only will you be concerned with body temperature, but comfort. Your feet will be your main means of transportation. Keep them dry.

8. High Boots.

High combat boots, preferably steel toed, will not only let you hike through any terrain but also protect against any zombies that get ahold of your ankles. The higher the boots, the better. Be prepared to have to tread through anything. Also, the higher the boot, the easier it will be to keep your pant legs tucked inside, along with anything else you can comfortably carry in them. Knives, matches, a folded map perhaps?

7. A Good Hat.

A few good reasons to have a hat. It can keep the hot sun off your head and the cold wind out of your ears. It will also keep hair out of your eyes. It’s just a good idea to have one.

6. Thermal Underwear.

By this I mean both thermal underpants and under shirt. You’ll need that insulation when the nights get cold. If you can’t get thermals then have at least some kind of under layer. A long sleeve shirt and either leggings, stockings, or even tights. You will need some kind of insulation and layering will keep you from having exposed skin when you inevitably rip your clothes.

5. Gloves!

Gloves are very important. They may just save your life. The risk of getting blood in your cuticles is very high. Not to mention your hands will be constantly exposed to infectious material of every other kind. I don’t think I need to go into all the other obvious reasons why gloves will be useful.

4. Sports Bras.

This one is directed towards women of course. You are not going to want to deal with underwire and annoying snaps in an apocalypse. Enough said.

3. Cargo Pants.

The more you can carry directly on your person, the better.

2. Elbow and Knee Pads.

You never know when your going to fall down or have to crawl. Pads will protect you from always having scrapped up elbows and knees, which will be easy points of entrance for an infection.

1. Safety Googles.

Killing a zombie can be messy business. More often than not there will be blood splattering around, and it will be very easy for some of it to get into your eyes. If you have time to get them on, do it.

I’d like to add a couple notes here. First, cotton. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, but it can also be warm. Try to stick with cotton garments as much as possible. Secondly, consider your colors. I realize you aren’t going to have the luxury of color coordinating. What I mean is, keep in mind that dark colors attract sunlight and light colors don’t. If your in a hot place, dress in lighter colors to avoid overheating. If your in the cold, darker colors can help attract the sunlight and keep you warm.

All these items together will have you ready for most conditions and situations. Having them ready in your survival kit will make it much easier to gear up when the time comes.

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