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  • Smith & Wesson M&P BB Air Pistol

    If your looking to learn to shoot, and can’t get your hands on a real gun, air guns make for great practice. You can find an air gun that replicates almost any type of fire arm, and use it to get yourself used to holding and aiming the weapon before you step up to the […] More

  • The Unconventional Survivor

    The Unconventional Survivor – part 2

    A few weapons you as the unconventional survivor may use during the apocalypse, part 2. Let’s talk about weapons. Their advantages and disadvantages. Each and every weapon has an advantage and disadvantage. Obviously but not many discuss them in full. I know that there isn’t enough time to discuss each and every one of them […] More

  • An Intimate Look at Rick Grimes Colt Python

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    An Intimate Look at Rick Grimes Colt Python

    Few zombie weapons are as recognizable as Rick Grimes’ revolver. It may not be the most effective weapon, but it makes a grand statement and is an extension of the character’s personality. An Intimate Look at Rick Grimes Colt Python: Will you have a personal statement in the apocalypse? Maybe you’ll want a sword, as […] More

  • Sling System, EZ sling

    As many of you might know, you need a good firearm and lots of bullets to put the undead back in their graves. What a lot of people might forget, is that you have to carry your rifle around all day. Plus perform various tasks, while not letting go of your weapon. At a gun […] More

  • My submission for man crates

    My submission for man crates

    Okay so the guys and girls over at Mancrates asked me to come up with some useful items for surviving a horror movie! Since I run Zombie Guide Magazine, expect nothing but amazingly useful and serious items to survive the most gruesome horror movies. Ready? Here we go with my submission for man crates! 1. […] More

  • Zombie kill with knife

    Five Zombie Weapons NOT good for Killing Zombies

    Zombie movies and video games usually aren’t short of one thing.. Weapons! Be it cricket bats, guns, golfclubs or a steak knife, our heroes of the apocalypse always find clever ways to kill the infected. But seeing all these items in action makes me wonder, are these actually good weapons against zombies? Today we take […] More

  • finger on trigger

    My weapons of choice

    We all have our believes when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. If the zombies will be slow, fast, a virus, undead… All these types of zombies require a different skill and weapon set to fight. For my weapons list, it won’t matter if zombies are fast, because if they’re fast and need a head […] More

  • Top 10 uses for WD40

    Top 10 uses for WD40 during a zombie apocalypse

    The reason I’m writing this is because I ran into a list of 2000 uses for WD40, while searching for a faster way to break in leather army boots. It turns out WD40 does an amazing job at making the leather supple, water proofing and making the boots look even better. It also cleans them […] More

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