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  • Zombies in popular culture

    Interview with the Zombie Apocalypse Store

    Tell me how you came up with the idea of your store? The zombie store was conceived in 2011 at the peak of the economic downturn in Las Vegas, which was ground zero for the entire US downturn. Las Vegas fell harder than just about anywhere else because it had grown faster ,and nothing grows […] More

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    Zombie proofing your kids

    In your haste to become the baddest zombie badass on the face of your planet you forget that you have kids. That’s right. Rugrats, ankle biters, shorties, or whatever you call them. They will have to be able to survive the same things you do. So there is no time like the present to get […] More

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    The problem with guns

    Now don’t get me wrong, I really like guns. They’re fun to shoot and work very well against people. But I doubt their use in a zombie apocalypse. Let me explain. Maintenance The first issue with guns, is that they’re high maintenance. You need cleaning rods, brushes, cloth, oil and… A quite place to take […] More

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    Good places to sleep while on the road

    We all see shows like The Walking Dead where people move about and navigate a zombie infested landscape. During the daytime they seem to be having a good time, breaking skulls and fighting bad guys. But at night… Well that’s where it goes bad. It’s zombies overrunning a campsite, infesting your newly inhabited prison or […] More

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    Room clearing during the apocalypse

    There are a lot of ways people in movies and series enter a room. Now some of these might not be a bad idea, but most are. In this article, I’ll give you the know how of clearing a room from the undead. Because I don’t know the size of your group, I’ll make the […] More

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    How not to be a damsel in distress

    I have spent much of my zombie debate time and career campaigning for girly girls and their place in the world after the zombie apocalypse. Tireless hours have been spent trying to explain the sheer amount of stealthy ninja like skills that you Martha Stewarts in training are bringing to the table!But damn it you […] More

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    Destroying the Brain(stem)

    I want to preface this article by saying that I’m going to be talking about some medical stuff, but I am not a doctor. I never finished my residency. Also, I never started my residency or went to medical school. Or college. This was just a topic that I got to thinking about when I […] More

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    Confessions of a Zombie Prepper

    I am preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. I get a lot of strange looks for that statement so I don’t go around touting it. I do not have a cache of weapons, nor am I expecting the end of the world. Although, there are many out there that are expecting just that. You might have […] More

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    Limited approach defense

    Limited approach defense is something that can and should be applied in a variety of assaults. The basic principle is to use mobility against your opponent and allow only a limited number of enemies to approach at once. A small scale example would be a lone defender with a drywall hatchet at the top of the ladder […] More

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    When Zombies Attack at Sporting Events

    Rule number one, cardio!

    I love attending baseball games, hockey games, and the occasional football game (go Redskins!), and I’ve often wondered how I would fare if zombies attacked in a crowded stadium with thousands of drunk, rowdy fans. With baseball season upon us, I thought it would be important to share some tips on how to survive if […] More

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    Basic Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit

    Ok, fair enough, everyone wants to look cool while their slaughtering zombies. The fact is, you would not have the luxury of looking cool if you were busy trying to stay warm and guard against zombie bites and scratches. You’d need to dress appropriately for a number of possible situations. Not only can you never […] More

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    Working out: Do You Want to Survive or Get Laid?

    What is it that you’re doing when you go to the gym? Are you shooting for bigger biceps? How about a washboard stomach? Nothing wrong with that, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get people to drool over your hot bod when you go to the club this weekend? Keep […] More

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    How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool?

    How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool? Yes you heard me! No scenario’s about a Wall Mart, train or whatever. This is a bad one, you’re in a public swimming pool and someone there reanimates as a walker! Now you might think, that’s easy, just get in the water! Well it won’t […] More

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