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  • Get Out of Town

    A major city is the absolute worst place to be in the event of a zombie uprising. The population density alone spells trouble, so the farther you can get away from civilization, the better. At the very first sign of trouble, you need to get right the hell out of there. In fact, everybody does. […] More

  • Learn how to climb

    Seriously, learn how to climb any object you may come across. Since zombies can’t climb, places up high will be your best hiding spots. Especially if you plan on traveling, but settling in a high place is also a good idea. Now if zombies can climb? Well if they have that much brain activity going […] More

  • How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool?

    How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool? Yes you heard me! No scenario’s about a Wall Mart, train or whatever. This is a bad one, you’re in a public swimming pool and someone there reanimates as a walker! Now you might think, that’s easy, just get in the water! Well it won’t […] More

  • Lessons I learned from the Walking Dead

    There is something to be said for the walking dead, the life lessons that  it teaches us. Here are some of the things we here at ZGM have learned. Just because they aren’t friendly doesn’t mean you can’t trust them. Two words: Daryl Dixon. Just because they smile at you mean they are your friend. […] More

  • Why you should pick-pocket zombies

    Kill them for good first though, otherwise you might be putting yourself in additional risk. So why would you pickpocket zombies? Useful items of course! All of these zombies were people and at some point they probably tried to survive the zombie apocalypse. Meaning they will have relied on items to defend themselves, or maybe […] More

  • 5 animals most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

    Today we’re looking at five animals I believe will survive the zombie apocalypse. Some will not only survive, they’ll thrive during the apocalypse. Insects (and other crawlers) This has to be a no-brainer, insects will thrive during the apocalypse! Rotting corpses everywhere, death and decay to feast on at every corner! Not only will insects […] More

  • 3 items you didn’t think of that will save your life

    I’m sure about 99% of all our readers has a list of items they need in case of a zombie apocalypse. A lot of you probably have grab bags laying around, a cache of guns and/or other items to be prepared for anything. Well, it’s time to add a few items to that list that […] More

  • Surviving the Apocalypse in the Inner City

    If you live in the inner city most will tell you that you are lost once the apocalypse hits. It’s easy to see why they would say that. It’s densely populated areas mean more opportunities for the infection to spread. People will be running amok for scant resources. So statistically you are probably going to […] More

  • Room clearing during the apocalypse

    There are a lot of ways people in movies and series enter a room. Now some of these might not be a bad idea, but most are. In this article, I’ll give you the know how of clearing a room from the undead. Because I don’t know the size of your group, I’ll make the […] More

  • Bite Back: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, by Derek Davis

    Over the past few years, natural disasters and other emergencies seem to have increased. From tsunamis to tornados, emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the worst situation- IN THIS CASE, A ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. It seems that television shows and Hollywood movies are constantly warning us about this […] More

  • What a Well Dressed Girl Wears to the Zombie Apocalypse

    A zombie is an undead being created through the reanimation of a corpse. No matter the original cause, they are nasty, unthinking flesh eating machines that feel no pain. Whether traveling solo or in a pack, they’re dangerous and terrifying. Despite a minimal level of brain function and cognition, the only thing that will stop […] More

  • Five Things Just as Toxic As COVID-19 That Came From China

    China has been an important trading partner with us for many years. It’s our third-largest exporter of goods and number one in imported goods. We spend 115 billion dollars on goods from this country. We depend a lot on China and due to recent events people have begun to wonder if we depend too much […] More

  • Zombies Won’t Keep Away Zombies

    Once upon a time, there was no getting away from zombies. If they had you trapped, you were trapped. And you were dead. Now and days, it’s not like that anymore. Tricks can be used to disguise a living person from a hungry zombie. Such as we see on The Walking Dead, a survivor can […] More

  • Fire Starter from Empty Lighter

    This article is how to take an empty disposable lighter and re-make it into an effective fire starting tool for use in an emergency. Think of it as an “apocalyptic tinder box” : ) What you need to make it: 1) empty lighter – they still have a flint & striker w/o fuel 2) lint […] More

  • Try not to fight zombies

    Yes you heard me, don’t try to fight the damn zombies! Does anyone know how intensive fighting is? Now if you have a gun you might be able to keep fighting for quite some time, especially from a fortified position, but it will probably be a waste of ammo. Plus the loud gunfire will draw […] More

  • Five Ways To Grieve For A Loved One

    Recently I experienced a great loss. Yesterday afternoon my dog (seen in the picture above) Henry Lee passed away. He was a cuddly little guy and is greatly missed. The last twenty-four hours have been hard on my home, especially on my other pug Izzy. Today, I’m going to share with you some things I […] More

  • Perfecting your Zombie Shotgun

    There are many talking points to be discussed when it comes to choosing the perfect zombie apocalypse weapon. For the sake of argument and simplicity, this article illustrates the benefit of choosing a shotgun for its versatility, economy of price and ammunition, multi-purpose nature, and ease of use. Understanding the shotgun There are three main […] More

  • Working out: Do You Want to Survive or Get Laid?

    What is it that you’re doing when you go to the gym? Are you shooting for bigger biceps? How about a washboard stomach? Nothing wrong with that, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get people to drool over your hot bod when you go to the club this weekend? Keep […] More

  • A few survival tips for the initial outbreak

    As you may already know, people that prepare have a much bigger chance of surviving than those that don’t prepare. There also are a few way of prepping, the mental kind, the physical kind and the materialistic kind. The mental part, well everybody has their methods and we’ll never know if we’re ready until the […] More