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    You’ve probably read something on it before. The age old (well, maybe not AGE OLD, but old enough) question of Slow Zombie vs. Fast Zombie. You’ve heard the arguments, the great debates about decomposition, thermodynamics, undead vs. infection, and so much more, but I’m hear to make a case for the existence of BOTH slow […] More

  • Rooftop survival during a zombie apocalypse

    Lets face it, most people live in cities and those aren’t the best places to be during a zombie apocalypse. Living miles away from civilization, already being self reliant and ready for anything is a much better option. But that’s not available for most people, so we’re going to explore rooftop survival for city folks. […] More

  • Why you should pick-pocket zombies

    Kill them for good first though, otherwise you might be putting yourself in additional risk. So why would you pickpocket zombies? Useful items of course! All of these zombies were people and at some point they probably tried to survive the zombie apocalypse. Meaning they will have relied on items to defend themselves, or maybe […] More

  • 5 Reasons why The United States of America would Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

    It’s about time, isn’t it? In our latest installment of why a country would survive the zombie apocalypse, it’s the United States of America! 1. Guns Okay let’s get started on reason number one, the USA has between 200 and 250 million guns in private hands. That doesn’t even include the military! They’ll just shoot […] More

  • Could They Survive: Hans Solo

    Happy Star Wars week everybody. In honor of the festive spirit, this month we’ll be reviewing the survival ability of the four most popular Star Wars characters, starting with Hans Solo.   Survivability: 5/7   Who Is He? Hans Solo is one of the main characters in the Star Wars saga. He is seen as […] More

  • Five Ways To Grieve For A Loved One

    Recently I experienced a great loss. Yesterday afternoon my dog (seen in the picture above) Henry Lee passed away. He was a cuddly little guy and is greatly missed. The last twenty-four hours have been hard on my home, especially on my other pug Izzy. Today, I’m going to share with you some things I […] More

  • Five Things You Should Be Doing As Your State Reopens

    As of right now over, 20 states plan to be reopening there doors this week. People are torn about whether this is a good idea or not. Will things get good or better? Will cases spike or drop? All these uncertainties have led to many conflicting reports, but what is true? Personally, if we do […] More

  • Could They Survive: Joe Exotic (AKA Tiger King)

    Special thanks to Kappa-Nikki Krieger and Charlotte Hopkins for there help in this week’s article.   Survivability: 3/7   Who Is Joe Exotic Joe Exotic ran a wildlife sanctuary that specialized in big cat rescue in Oklahoma. He is hugely popular today due to a Netflix series based on his crimes titled, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and […] More

  • Tips For Surviving A Pandemic

    In case you weren’t sick of hearing about COVID-19 I recently found this great documentary about it. Enjoy!   [embedyt][/embedyt] More

  • Could They Survive: Cloud Strife

    Special shout out to Kenneth Lipps, Chase Lawrence, and Stephen Crabtree for helping me with the research for this character. Today is the first Friday where we begin a new series called “Could They Survive:..”. It is where I rate the survival capabilities of our favorite pop culture icons should they end up in a […] More

  • How To Make Survival Bread (Hardtack)

    We love bread! It is the oldest food known to mankind. It is the most prominent food in the world and is a staple in the average American diet. We eat on average 53 pounds of it a year. Bread is easy to make on your own. With a few simple ingredients, you can bake […] More

  • 5 Reasons why India will survive the zombie apocalypse

    Continuing our somewhat humorously serious articles, on why certain countries are sure to survive the zombie apocalypse, today we’ll be looking at India. What makes India survive the zombie apocalypse and what will be it’s unique strengths in fighting the undead hordes? India’s Military With over 1.4 million active personnel, it is the world’s second-largest […] More

  • Five Things Just as Toxic As COVID-19 That Came From China

    China has been an important trading partner with us for many years. It’s our third-largest exporter of goods and number one in imported goods. We spend 115 billion dollars on goods from this country. We depend a lot on China and due to recent events people have begun to wonder if we depend too much […] More

  • Top Five Martial Arts Perfect for Zombie Defense

    Every prepper has one dedicated weapon of choice they plan to use to fight the herds of the undead. Wither you’re melee or firearms person, you trained yourself on all the ins and outs of that particular style of weaponry. But, what happens when the weapon finally dies on you? What if a zombie is […] More

  • Is Someone Bitten?

    This is a common stereotype in almost every zombie film. Some D.L. (Designated Loser) shows up, says a few important lines, and then the whole group gets attack by a huge herd of the undead out of nowhere. Almost 99% of the time someone in this scuffle always gets bitten and never says anything to […] More

  • Fictional Character Dream Team

    Your team could be a matter of life or being life cereal to a zombie. You want the best to survive this apocalypse and need a diverse team of experts if you have any shot at making it through this. For the integrity of the list, I purposely left out lead characters from popular zombie […] More

  • Get Your Groove On In An Undead Way!

    Zombies are everywhere. They are on our TV, our movie screens, and now they have successfully invaded our radios. We all have at one point put together a CD or playlist of the music we plan to blast while mowing down the herds of zombies. These songs listed below are strictly about zombies or centered […] More

  • Fire and Zombies

    No, this isn’t another song parody post for those who thought I was rewriting Fire and Rain by James Taylor. I wanted to talk about fire as a means of defense against zombies. It seems to me that it is badly underutilized in literature and movies. There are varying opinions as to whether or not […] More