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  • Zombies in the Ancient World

    Zombies in the Ancient World

    The massive popularity of zombies in modern culture is no surprise, with the undead showing up in every form of media, these days it’s hard not to be at least a little interested. However, some of you may be surprised to find out that an interest or even belief in zombies and the undead goes […] More

  • Scary Science

    Scary Science

    “Scary Science” is a new segment here at Zombie Guide Magazine where we will explore the scientific accuracy of various zombie films and shows. We will rank the movies on a scale called the “Truthfulness”, where 1 means highly impossible to 8, which is extremely likely. Truthfulness: 3 For our first segment, I chose my […] More

  • The Importance of Comfort Objects

    The Importance of Comfort Objects

    The Importance of Comfort Objects, or transitional objects, can provide you with many psychological benefits. They are any object that brings us some sort of emotional relief. They can be anything from a stuffed toy, a doll, or a blanket. The most popular comfort object is the teddy bear. During a disaster things are going […] More

  • The Biology of Zombies: A Primer

    Part 1 Zombies have been around for quite some time. But over the years, we have seen an evolution in zombie biology. What I have noticed is that as we begin to better understand science, our zombies change. In many cases, our zombies reflect what we don’t understand about biology. As you will learn or […] More

  • Zombies VS Vampires

    With all the new content that keeps pouring out of artistic souls on a daily basis, both vampires and zombies get their fair share of attention. With The Walking Dead, Zombieland 2 and many more, zombies have their fair share of attention at the moment. So, what about a little Zombies VS Vampires? Vampires also […] More

  • stem

    Top 5 Most Important STEM Fields

    Right now the world is in chaos. Zombies are outnumbering humans 10 to 1. You and your team are bunkering down discussing the future of humanity. We all know eventually the dust will settle, and the zombies will disintegrate. When this happens you will need to rebuild a society for future generations. This will be […] More

  • Scary Science Part 3

    Scary Science Part 3

    This post contains spoilers! Reader discretion is advised! With the lockdown finally getting to people I figured now would be a good time to cover the ultimate isolation pandemic movie “Quarantine“. Welcome to Scary Science Part 3. Truthfulness: 3/8 Though entertaining as the movie is the whole thing is built around scientific inaccuracies. Like all […] More

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