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  • The Unconventional Survivor – part 2

    The Unconventional Survivor

    A few weapons you as the unconventional survivor may use during the apocalypse, part 2. Let’s talk about weapons. Their advantages and disadvantages. Each and every weapon has an advantage and disadvantage. Obviously but not many discuss them in full. I know that there isn’t enough time to discuss each and every one of them […]

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  • Melee Weapon: the Shovel

    Melee Weapon: the Shovel

    Zombie weapons come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and really a zombie weapon is whatever you grab to smash the undead when needed. Today we take a look at a fan favorite melee weapon, the shovel. Seen often in movies, series and videogames as a go to weapon for suburban survivors, the […]

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  • Sling System, EZ sling

    As many of you might know, you need a good firearm and lots of bullets to put the undead back in their graves. What a lot of people might forget, is that you have to carry your rifle around all day. Plus perform various tasks, while not letting go of your weapon. At a gun […]

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