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  • 1923 A.D., Colombo, Ceylon

    This account comes from The Oriental, an exatriate newspaper for Britons living in the Indian Ocean colony. Christopher Wells, a copilot for British Imperial Airways, was rescued from a life raft after fourteen days at sea. Before dying of exposure, Wells explained that he had been transporting a corpse discovered by a British expedition to […] More

  • Key West, Florida, 1935 zombie attack

    On Labor Day, September 2, 1935, a major hurricane bore down on the Florida Keys, a string of islands separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean. The hurricane, one of only two Category 5 storms ever recorded in the United States, made landfall at Key West, the most populous of the keys. As […] More

  • Hawaii, 1892 zombie outbreak

    At the beginning of the 1890’s, Hawaii found itself in a tug of war between native islanders, who wanted the islands to remain independent, and powerful sugar growers who wanted to join the United States. Queen Lili’uokalani ascended to the throne in 1891 and promptly enacted a series of measures designed to weaken the influence […] More

  • 212 B.C., China

    During the Qin Dynasty, the Emperor ordered all books not relating to practical matters, like construction or farming, to be burned to guard against so-called “dangerous thoughts”. While we will never know with certainty whether accounts of zombie attacks were destroyed, a excerpt from a obscure medical manuscript, which was hidden in the wall of […] More

  • 1523 A.D., Oaxaca, Mexico

    The natives tell of a sickness that darkens the soul, causing a thirst for the blood of their brothers. They tell of men, women, even children whose flesh have become gray with rot and possess an unholy smell. Once darkened, there is no method of healing, save death, and that can only be achieved throughfire, […] More

  • The Battle of Hope

    The Battle of Hope was the first battle in the campaign to reclaim the United States from the zombies. It was fought seven years after the disastrous Battle of Yonkers. The entire battle was actually an experiment to test the effectiveness of the new model army that had been trained in the years since zombies […] More

  • Miami Zombie Attack! Video

    On Saturday, May 26, 2012 a naked man was chewing on the face of another man in Downtown Miami, after the police arrived the man kept eating and growling, the police had to open fire until the cannibal was dead… More

  • Apr. 1994 A.D., Santa Monica Bay, California

    Three Palos Verdes residents, Jim Hwang, Anthony Cho, and Michael Kim, reported to police that they were attacked while fishing in the bay. The three men swore that Hwang had been bottom fishing when his line hooked a large, extremely heavy catch. What broke the surface was a man, naked, partially burned, partially decomposed, and […] More

  • Jan. 1993 A.D., Downtown Los Angeles, California

    An investigation is reportedly still underway in identifying the early stages of the outbreak, although it’s heavily implied that it involves Patrick MacDonald succumbing to his bites sometime before he could seek professional help in the city, and spreading it to the homeless populace in the area. The actual “story” starts when members of a […] More

  • Dec. 1992 A.D. Joshua Tree National Monument, California

    Dec. 1992 A.D. Joshua Tree National Monument, California. This mini-outbreak occured when a vacationing couple (Sharon Parsons and her boyfriend, Patrick MacDonald) went camping in the park. At some point, Sharon was attacked and bitten by a zombie: the likely “culprit” is implied to be Devin Martin (on account of his skin fragments appearing on […] More

  • 1984 A.D., Cabrio, Arizona

    A fire broke loose at an elementary school in Cabrio, AZ., killing 47 children. There was only one survivor, Ellen Aims, who escaped by jumping out a broken window. She suffered deep lacerations and loss of blood. A hurried transfusion is the only thing that saved her life. Within half an hour, Ellen began to […] More

  • 1968 A.D., Eastern Laos

    This story was related by Peter Starvos, a substance-abusing patient and former Special Forces sniper. In 1988, while under psychological evaluation at a V.A. hospital in Los Angeles, he related this story to the attending psychiatrist. Stavros stated that his team was in a routine search-and-destroy mission along the Vietnamese border. Their intended target was […] More

  • 1942-45 A.D., Harbin, Japanese Puppet State of Manchukuo (Manchuria)

    In 1942, the Japanese government encountered a small infestation of zombies on a pacific Island mentioned in the travels of Francis Drake. They captured eight, and started the experiment “Cherry Blossom” which attempted to breed zombies. They could not find any traces of Solanum, meaning they could not create “fresh” zombies without making them breed. […] More

  • 1554 A.D., South America

    1554 A.D., South America – It is said that in 1554 A.D. a Spanish expedition under the command of Don Rafael Cordoza penetrated the Amazon rainforest in search of the mystical El Dorado. Lead by the Native tribes, they were warned not to enter “The Valley of Endless Sleep.” Cordoza and his men were attacked […] More

  • 850 A.D., Unknown Province in Saxony (Northern Germany)

    In 850, a Zombie outbreak spread across several unidentified villages in Saxony. Attempsts to exorcise the horde were unsuccessful, and the survivors were able to isolate themselves in their lord’s (or baron or count) castle. Some of the bitten survivors were taken in, no one in the castle survived. Local knights banded together to cleanse […] More

  • 700 A.D., Frisia, the Netherlands

    Although this event appears to have taken place on or around 700 A.D., physical evidence comes in the form of a painting recently discovered in the vaults of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Analyses of the materials themselves fix the date listed above. The picture itself shows a collection of knights in full armor, attacking a […] More

  • 177 A.D., Nameless Settlement near Tolosa, Aquitania (SW France)

    Around 177 A.D., near what is known as south-western France, a traveling merchant sent a personal letter to his brother about his encounter with a zombie: “He came from the woods, a man of stinking rot. His gray skin bore many wounds, from which flowed no blood. Upon seeing the screaming child, his body seemed […] More

  • 140-41 A.D., Thamugadi, Numidia (Algeria)

    In 140-41 A.D., Lucious Valerius Strabo, Roman governor of Thamugadi, Numidia (Algeria) recorded six small zombie outbreaks among desert nomads. All the outbreaks were crushed by two cohorts from the III Augusta Legionary base, with a total of 134 dispatched zombies, and the cohorts suffering only 5 Roman casualties. Other than the official report, a […] More

  • 121 A.D., Fanum Cocidi, Caledonia (Scotland)

    Even though the source of the outbreak is still a mystery, its events are meticulously recorded. A plague of zombies swept through the local villages. The local barbarian chieftain and his men, not knowing what they were dealing with, wrongly thought the undead were merely insane, and thus no real threat. Over 3,000 Pictish and […] More

  • 500 B.C., Africa

    During his voyage to explore and colonize the continent’s western coast, Hanno of Carthage, one of Western civilization’s most famous ancient mariners, wrote in his sea log: 500 B.C., Africa On the shores of a great jungle, where green hills hide their crowns above the clouds, I dispatched an expedition inland in search of sweet […] More

  • 3000 B.C., Hieraconpolis, Egypt

    A British dig in 1892 unearthed a nondescript tomb, in Hieraconpolis, Egypt. No clues could be found to reveal who the person who occupied it was or anything about his place in society. The body was found outside the open crypt, curled up in a corner and only partially decomposed. Thousands of scratch marks adorned […] More