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  • Did you ever think you could try Zombie Blood?

    Zombie Blood® is coming to conquer the night How common people will react if living surrounded by zombies? Zombie Blood® is the first blood like spirit in the market. Its colour, thickness and bloodcurdling taste will give a unique experience to whoever tries it. Finally there is a different shot that will take you to […]

  • How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

    Hollywood movies are full of suggestions of where to hide during a zombie apocalypse. American researchers have created an apocalyptic simulator that calculates your chances of surviving, and it looks that the best scenario is to run for the hills. The stimulator created examines the techniques used in epidemiology, which is the study of how […]

  • The Best Non Shooter Zombie Games

    Zombie fiction has become so popular in the past five years or so that we’ve almost seen zombie gaming evolve as its own genre. For the most part, this has meant the rise of countless shooter-style zombie games, from special modes in Call Of Duty titles to standalone games like Quantum Break. Even online and […]

  • The best female undead characters in modern culture!

    Although the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein have provided us with many spooky moments over the years, for many of us, there’s nothing better than when an undead female character takes the lead! So here’s a look at the best female undead characters from TV, movies and gaming that shows us just how adaptable these […]

  • How zombies invaded video games

    One of the biggest trends in modern media in the last decade is the mainstream use of zombies to thrill and terrify us. But it’s not only cinematic treats such as World War Z and TV series like The Walking Dead that have used a little zombie appeal, as there has also been a zombie […]

  • Preparing for the Undead Apocalypse

    Over the decades, humanity has developed newer and better ways of staying safe during a dire situation. There are many different tips and tricks that we have shared with you as well on how to keep yourself alive during any sort of disaster situation, including the obviously inevitable zombie apocalypse that is coming soon. Here […]

  • The Walking Dead Franchise Continues to Expand

    AMC’s the Walking Dead’s stock continues to grow rapidly as today’s pop culture becomes obsessed with zombie-themed television series and movies made across a multitude of different continents and platforms. Everything from Walking Dead action figures to real life zombie runs have turned the series into a worldwide success. Even other leading cable television production […]