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All our infectious fiction zombie stories, free for you to read.

  • Outbreak Journal: vol.1, by Elvis A Cardona

    Date: 02/05/70 Time: 3:00 p.m. Location: Newark, New Jersey Distance from me: Approx. 250 miles The ten o’clock news on local channel 3, reported some very bizarre and strange activity had been occurring place at a local diner in the Newark area. There were several strange figures committing acts of murder. The reporter interviewed one […]

  • From Hell They Came: Part Five

    Dan, Ricky, and Alisha made their way a bit further into the city. As much as Alisha would have preferred to get back on the road, she understood that Dan and Ricky had a responsibility to their community to get more supplies and if she wanted to go back with them, she’d have to tag […]

  • The Spread: Crash into Hell

    Chapter 1 The plane flew at a steady speed over the African rainforest. It was carrying a full cabin of relaxed and well rested tourists on their way back from vacationing on the tropical island of Mauritius. Young people sat reviewing the things that they could still remember from their drunken nights on the beach. […]

  • Ted of the Dead: A Silly Little Poem

    There once was boy named Ted. He wanted to be the undead. He’d dirty his clothes, And fill them with holes. And pretend to return from the dead. All of the people he knew, Didn’t quite know what to do. They thought he was weird, And certainly feared, That he’d bite them right out of […]

  • Whimper by Scott Lefebvre

    It was the year the bees died. But first it was the bats. But no one cared about the bats because they dismissed the scientific evidence by ignorantly indulging in the old analogy that bats are just rats with wings. Or maybe mice. But first it was bats and then bees and then birds. But […]

  • LOVABLY DEAD, by Alex Eldrich

    “Nguh…” Kate rolled over to face her fiancé lying next to her on his back. “What, honey?” “Nguhhhh…!” “Oh you poor thing, you’re hungry aren’t you?” She noticed a glob of drool on the corner of his mouth. Grabbing a tissue from the night table she turned back to wipe his lips. Quick as a flash he […]

  • The final chapter

    The outside of the warehouse is grim dark with the structures being covered by the grim dark dusk while there is not a moon in the sky. We all come to see that the entrance to the warehouse is being barricaded by three U.S army dark grey gunner cars. “Stand down stand down, they are […]

  • The Spread: Won’t Stay Down

    Chapter 7 The undead examiner sat hunched over the pathologist, chewing wildly on the fleshy lower lip he’d ripped from the dead man’s face. He slumped back into a seated position, losing interest, as the pathologist began to twitch slightly. The examiner finished his piece of lip and stumbled his way into a stand. No […]

  • A story by Michael W. Garza

    Marty felt strange as he leveled his sights on a person’s head. He took aim on the woman as she lumbered slowly toward him across his grandfather’s field. One of her eyes hung out of the socket, bouncing of her cheek with every step. Marty lined up the end of his rifle on her forehead […]