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  • Alice in Zombieland

    AiZ: Alice in Zombieland (Complete Saga)

    AiZ: Alice in Zombieland (Complete Saga) We came across a website featuring a book saga about zombies. From the looks of it, it’s pretty damn awesome! We have’nt read the saga ourselves, but included the description from the website below. When someone reads it and want’s to do a full review, feel free to do […]

  • The Zombie Apocalypse Store

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas. That’s right: there is an entire store dedicated to zombies. They sell zombie books, movies, T-shirts, mugs, and pretty much anything zombie-related. They also sell survival gear (MREs and items for bug-out bags) as well as weapons. And they have a shooting range […]

  • Alpha Girl

    When the Moujou cosmetics company starts experimenting with pheromones, they accidentally unleash a gas that turns women into crazed ravenous zombies! With this gas effecting only woman, the men of the world must fight for their lives or fall victim to the newly cannibalistic female gender. Here we meet Judith Meyers, a.k.a Alpha Girl. She’s […]

  • 3 Places you should go during the outbreak

    Okay lets assume you’re not home or at work when the apocalypse starts. Lets pretend you’re somewhere else and you don’t know the place that well. The apocalypse starts and your plans are far away from you. What places are a good idea to visit? Car tow companies They’re great really, see you could go […]

  • Santa Clarita Diet

    As anyone with a Netflix account already knows, there has been a recent flood of original movies and series on the streaming service. The movies, in my opinion, have been pretty hit or miss, but the shows(at least the ones I’ve watched so far) have all been very good. I have also, my entire life, […]

  • Movie Review: The Horde (2009)

    I finally got around to watching The Horde this weekend. Actually, since I find dubbed movies to be annoying, I watched La Horde and read the subtitles. If you’re looking for a deep zombie film that makes you think, this isn’t the one. If you’re looking for some non-stop action and carnage, you should definitely […]

  • Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

    Most people’s midlife crises result in the purchase of an overpriced sports car or a poorly placed tattoo.  Well, my midlife crisis lead to the writing and publication of a zombie novel (I have neither the money nor the personality for a sports car). I decided to sit down and write my book the month […]

  • Top Five Indie Zombie Books

    Countless authors are choosing the self-publishing route these days for several reasons. The best reason, in my opinion, is that no one can tell them what to write. No one f*cking censors them! This is why I love Indie zombie books so much. The authors have the freedom to write what they want without any restrictions. I’ve […]