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  • Top Five Indie Zombie Books

    Countless authors are choosing the self-publishing route these days for several reasons. The best reason, in my opinion, is that no one can tell them what to write. No one f*cking censors them! This is why I love Indie zombie books so much. The authors have the freedom to write what they want without any restrictions. I’ve […]

  • Nick Nicolaou Tells Us About MARY DOE!

    My name is Nick Nicolaou and I am the writer/producer and eventual director of the feature film MARY DOE. Yea, I’m a comic book geek, love films, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre addict… grew up on a healthy diet of Hammer films and the explosion of special effects make-up horror films of the 80’s… it’s what drives me […]

  • The Reapers are the Angels: A Review

    The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell What makes a good zombie novel? Some would say the level of gore, the heart stopping action sequences, the edge-of-your-seat page turning, all brought about by the onslaught of hordes of zombies.  There does seem to be a certain recipe to most zombie themed novels, I suppose […]


    So as you may have noticed, we here at Zombie Guide have been promoting the new up and coming zombie movie Mary Doe. We are very excited about this project and want to help the film makers share it with the world. Mary Doe is about a girl with no memory of her past who, […]

  • Waterborne, zombieroo from the land down under.

    Waterborne, zombieroo from the land down under. Yes you read the title correctly, It says “zombieroo”. A zombieroo appears to be a zombie kangaroo! Waterborne is a crowd funded, short zombie/horror movie about a waterborne virus that turns you into a zombie. As you might get from the title, the movie is set in Australia. […]

  • Freakish, A Hulu Original Series

    It had been some time since I’d watched anything zombie related. I have to admit, for awhile there, I began to feel like all the zombie movies and tv shows I was coming across were just getting worse and worse. Same old story, shittier effects. So when I came across a new original series on […]

  • Horror Hound Weekend

    My husband and I took an eight-hour road trip out to Cincinnati for Horror Hound Weekend. We had never been to this type of event, and we didn’t know what to expect. We heard from several Horror Hound veterans that there were three times as many people at this year’s convention than any of the […]

  • Little Michonne

    22-03-2013:Okay there’s an update to the message below, we now know that the pictures were taken at: Megacon in Florida 21-03-2013: So we came across these pictures. We still don’t know who she is, who took the pictures, or at what event they were taken.. But we do know this awesome little Michonne could just walk […]