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    329 B.C., Afghanistan

    An unnamed Macedonian column built by the legendary conqueror Alexander the Great was visited many times by Soviet Special Forces during their own war of occupation. Five miles from the monument, one unit discovered the ancient remains of what is believed to be Hellenic Army barracks. Among other artifacts, there was a small bronze vase. […]

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    500 B.C., Africa

    During his voyage to explore and colonize the continent’s western coast, Hanno of Carthage, one of Western civilization’s most famous ancient mariners, wrote in his sea log: 500 B.C., Africa On the shores of a great jungle, where green hills hide their crowns above the clouds, I dispatched an expedition inland in search of sweet […]

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    3000 B.C., Hieraconpolis, Egypt

    A British dig in 1892 unearthed a nondescript tomb, in Hieraconpolis, Egypt. No clues could be found to reveal who the person who occupied it was or anything about his place in society. The body was found outside the open crypt, curled up in a corner and only partially decomposed. Thousands of scratch marks adorned […]