Call Of Duty: Warzone Zombies Teaser Warns That The Undead Are Spreading

The latest teaser for Call of Duty: Warzone s rumored nuke event has arrived, this time suggesting that zombies are headed to Verdansk s bank. Activision is sending out piggybanks to influencers with a message that warns of zombies headed to the Acropolis National Bank.

Acropolis National Bank has been operating as a zombie institution for years, but nobody thought their assets would end up six feet under … Hope you have Diamond Hands, Operator, the message says.

Previous teasers included hospital scrubs and a prison jumpsuit that referenced how zombies were headed to Verdansk s other major points of interest.

Players have speculated that the zombie infestation could grow more and more out of control until eventually, Verdansk will get nuked to solve the undead problem. This event is supposed to happen sometime around the end of Season , which would be in April. The ongoing theory is that Warzone will then re-launch with a Black Ops theme after the nuke event.

In addition to these swag-related teasers, Activision has released a few notices from Armistice Central Command telling players about the zombie spread and informing them it s no problem at all. This is likely in-universe propaganda–the zombie infestation is looking more real all the time.

This is all happening as part of Activision s effort to tell some kind of a narrative in the multiplayer game. In other news, a double XP event is taking place this week in Warzone.

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Written by Daniella Vega

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