Busting prepping myths: part 1 – canned food

Now that The Walking Dead hype is slowing down due to a long break between episodes, I thought it was time for some real prepping advice! So today we’re starting a new article series, busting prepping myths! In every article we take one prepping myth and bust it like Daryl busts open mushy zombie skulls with the finesse of an Olympic gymnast!

Myth: Stuffing your house with canned food and guns is good prepping.

There, I said it. This might offend some people that like to stockpile all sorts of stuff and call themselves “prepared”. Sure, having shelves on shelves full of canned food will help during, ehmmm, WWIII or the homeland being invaded? No, there would probably still be food. The only reason to stockpile crappy canned food is for times of a food crisis. And really, that’s not going to help much is it? Because canned food doesn’t regrow itself, plus living on that will kill you faster than it keeps you alive. If you really want to have food ready for a food shortage, grow fresh healthy foods, have some chickens and of course guns to protect this.

But because we’re a zombie magazine, we’ll be talking about busting this myth in relation to a zombie outbreak. For starters, do you plan to stay at home when the zombies come? Most people live in densly populated areas and would be overrun pretty fast if they stayed in their little concrete block. But lets say, you live in a small city. There would still be several thousands, if not tens of thousands of zombies knocking on your door! So basically, you just became what you’ve stockpiled, canned food.

So, your plan is to leave town right? Find a nice little farm somewhere, or live on the open road? Are you really going to carry a whole supply closet full of canned food, water, guns and ammo to your car while mass hysteria occurs? And will all this crap fit in your car? Will you still get out of town using that car? Probably not…

Now this wouldn’t be a proper article if I didn’t give some guidelines on how to stockpile properly. This one is all about location! You need to store everything you need, in a location you deem fit for longtime survival. It has to be a remote location, really… The hardest part about this should be getting there. Preferable some place you can only reach climbing, because that’s one thing zombies cannot do. They also cannot swim, but swimming somewhere with your crap in a pond filled with zombies might not be a good idea.

What to stockpile you ask? Well most prepping manual say stockpile canned food. That’s the dumbest thing ever! I dare you to eat ONLY canned food for a few months, let alone years. The canned stuff I got in the army was mostly disgusting, but it was of some decent quality. Nevertheless, living off it will make you go insane. Stock up on seeds, learn to grow fruit and veggies. Build a chicken coop, have some chickens and don’t forget the rooster!!! Learn useful skills, like hunting, survival, growing stuff, medical skills. Also learn the medical skills needed to treat your animals. Your life now depends on the well being of creatures you once saw as a “bucket to go”.

However, something you can never stockpile enough of.. Stuff that purifies water, rope, duct-tape, tarps, medical supplies… Now I’m not talking some bandages. Get antibiotics, lots of them! And read up on what kinds of it do what. And again, stockpile this in your longtime survival location. Just have a grab bag at home, at work and in your car.

So there you have it. A few good reasons not to waste your hard earned money, stockpiling crap in a location that will be overrun in hours. I hope you enjoyed this and that eventually, this information will save lives. The lives of you and your family that is.

Ow and a little PS: A little bonus is rule #32 from Zombieland, enjoy the little things. Having fresh eggs and veggies that you grew yourself, is a little thing to enjoy over the powdered version 😉

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Written by Frank

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