Burning zombie trap

Good day! I was planning on writing this yesterday, but you know life.. Okay my idea for a burning zombie death trap pit! This is an idea I have that can be implemented during any stage of the apocalypse. Adjustments might have to be made depending on the type of zombie you encounter.

The idea is to either dig or use a large hole in the ground to capture zombies in. The pit needs to stand free from forests, houses or anything else that isn’t supposed to burn down, obviously. Now the hard part isn’t setting the zombies ablaze, but getting them in to the pit.

First of all, a bunch of zombies will probably show up while you’re digging around with heavy machinery. You might not have the manpower or machines to do this, but it will work for larger more organized groups, or if you find and existing pit.

So we’ve dug the pit, or found one that is big enough for thousands of zombies. Don’t be too picky here, they don’t have human rights and obeying city code would defeat the purpose of burning them alive. What’s more important is that the pit is deep and too steep for zombies to climb out. That shouldn’t be too hard, since zombies are clumsy and will pull each other down trying to climb out. Like a bunch of zombie crabs if you will.

Now we’re going to build a tower in the middle of your pit. Or a large pole will work fine too, just don’t make it too fancy because you’ll be burning it down. Depending on what’s available to you, you’re going to have to use a sound system or a very brave person. In case you’re using a person, make sure there’s a rope they can use to climb from the tower to safety, without getting close to zombies. Another option is several loud animals, like birds. I think roosters or chickens would work really well.


Now that we have our pit and sound system in place, we´re going to turn it on! First we’ll draw in all the zombies that are close by. Maybe shoot a flare or a few gunshots and wait for about a day until all the zombies that were close by are in your pit. The next part of the plan is to herd in more zombies. Take those big excavators and drive around to gather more zombies and lure them right to Now that we have our pit and sound system in place, we´re going to turn it on! First we’ll draw in all the zombies that are close by.your pit. Once they get close, have people distract them and draw them close to the pit to push them in. This will be the most dangerous part, because the zombies are everywhere and your people are vulnerable. If you don’t have the tools for this, just stick with the sound system on your tower and maybe a few gunshots. A bright torch will also work at night. Just light it on top of your tower, fire a few rounds and get out of the way. Zombie harvest is the next morning.

Everything is set now! The zombies are in the pit, time to get your sound system down and set them on fire! We’ve all seen that scene in The Walking Dead with the zombies that didn’t burn that well right? So you might think it’s not that effective. But see it is, because these zombies are now molten together and lying around in the pit. All you have to is let them be trampled by more zombies! That is if you’re tower is still standing for round two. If not? Well more zombies will see your giant fire and be drawn in to it, automatically putting more fuel on the fire. All you have to do is push them in with those excavators!

So I know what you’re thinking… Where will you be all this time? That totally depends on the setting. You can either be in a treehouse with a view of the pit, probably in the treeline next to the land you’re building the pit on. Perhaps there’s a billboard nearby, an overpass or something else. You read Zombie Guide Magazine so I know you’re smart!

I hope you guys and girls enjoyed reading about my idea for a burning zombie pit trash thingy. If you have a better plan, I’d love to steal it for my own survival read it for my own amusement. Or maybe you have a suggestion for a cool zombie trap? You could also write about it here!

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.