Boats during the zombie apocalypse

Boats during the zombie apocalypse

Personally boats are my go to vehicle in case of a zombie apocalypse (as soon as I can afford one), they can carry people plus supplies, and as a huge bonus, zombies can’t swim! Okay let’s go over the major pros and cons of boats during the zombie apocalypse:

Pro: Zombies can’t swim

Okay I think I might have already mentioned this, but zombies are really bad swimmers. Sure they might float but that won’t do them any good when your deck is at least a few feet from the water surface.

Pro: You can be almost completely self supportive

Equip your boat or ship with solar panels, or a small wind mill on a mast, and you’ve got yourself a power source! You’re now capable of cooking, boiling water, using communication devices, lights and what have you not! Now add a few good water filtration devices, perhaps a combo of a few lifestraws and a more permanent on board solution. Your basic needs are now met: Your shelter, water and you already have the luxury of having a power source. Some more luxurious boats come with these devices pre-installed, or you can implement them yourself to meet zombie apocalypse standards. I can imagine those would be different than “rich person gimmick”.

Pro: Store a lot of supplies

Where car manufacturers are being done one over by emission laws and design hipsters, the ship and boat industry is not that bad. This industry is still filled with men and women who know how to utilize space. Matter of fact, they make a living out of it! Every part of a boat will be used efficiently and if there’s any gap left, it will be used to build a compartment where you can store supplies. Couches double as beds, there are hidden compartments everywhere and no space is left unused or pointless on a boat. So make sure your vessel is pre-packed with everything you need to bug out!

Pro: Always a power source

My ideal for a boat during the apocalypse is probably a 10 to 12 meter sailing boat. These give you several advantages: They’re relatively affordable, you don’t need a license (here at least), they have all the comforts (kitchen area, place to sleep) and most important! They can have several power sources. The sails to be used in case of the right winds, an external engine and it’s small enough to at least peddle to shore with a couple of people in case of emergencies. Especially the external engine is useful, you can replace it easily in case it breaks. You could probably take the spare engine with you, or steal one from a harbor when you get there. For bigger boats, you will need a crew of more people. So while you may have more storage and space, you will also have more mouths to feed and people to lead.

Con: There will be pirates

Mark my words, in case of a zombie apocalypse, everyone will get on any boat they can and make a run for it. I’m predicting there will be fleets of people on all sorts of boats and ships. Some of these will be good people who are ready to team up, others will be less nice. If you plan on using a boat or ship, pack some serious firepower. Especially the kind that can poke holes in other boats and shoot over long distances. Having someone with a .50 cal on board is far from just luxury.

Con: You need to go ashore for most food and supplies

While yes you can fish for your fat and protein, all the other stuff will have to come from land. The hard part will not be finding land, but finding a place where your boat can go without crashing, where there aren’t a bunch of zombies waiting, and where there is actually something useful to get. To increase the chances of your land raids succeeding, have a small inflatable boat with pedals to get to shore. Have one or two people go ashore unnoticed with the rubber boat, stay in radio contact at all times.

In conclusion

Boats and ships can make a great escape vessel in case of any emergency. Most important however is that you train your crew before SHTF and for ALLĀ supplies to be packed and ready at all times. An added bonus here is that your emergency vessel becomes a holiday home and every vacation is a prepping experience that combines your vacation with crucial training. Learning how to fish and cook in the wild are now fun and a vacation activity, while still teaching valuable lessons in case of an emergency. During these vacations you’ll already find out what items you missed, so you can pack them for the next trip. My only real concern with boats and ships though, is that you’ll be vulnerable. Make sure you pack guns and plenty of ammo and have at least one big caliber gun on board to pack a punch. Also, learn how to fix the engine…

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