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If you are going to get through a zombie outbreak there are a few basic skills you are going to need in order to survive. There are very few things worse than being presented with an obstacle where you do not have the means by which to overcome it. “We can make it to safety across that river.” “I can’t swim…” This is not a good situation to be put in. Since the main theme of this web site is preparing the world for zombie survival, we have decided to put together a list of skills that we feel everyone should have some basic understanding in to help you get out of this mess alive.

Before you read further, it is important to understand that we don’t expect you to be an adept master at any of these skills like an Olympic bike rider or Bob Vila. We just suggest that you have a basic understanding of all the categories listed below to help ensure your survival.

Auto Repair

We all know cars don’t last forever. Certain systems require regular maintenance and repair. If your vehicle fails in a post apocalyptic world, you can’t very well take it down to your local mechanic. You are either going to have to repair it yourself or find a new method of transportation. If you don’t know anything about cars, it’s easy to learn basic maintenance issues like replacing a tire, or changing your oil and other fluids. You can then work your way up to more complex things like sparkplugs, cables, and belts. If you feel you are ready, it is always good to know how to replace more major components such as sensors, your alternator, radiator, and brakes. It would also be helpful if you learned how to properly diagnose problems (i.e. understand what’s really causing that knocking noise when you make a left turn).

Riding a bike

Most people know how to ride a bike, but some of you don’t. If you don’t, you probably should. It would be a terrible shame to have to hoof it out of a danger zone if there is a perfectly good bike sitting right there. Riding a bike helps you get from point A to point B a lot faster than walking, and in many cases with less effort. It is also a great way to help you keep in shape.

Building a Fire

Human beings are no longer designed to eat raw meat. Sure, you could but it’s neither particularly safe nor healthy for you especially when dealing with poultry and pork. If you are going to cook your food, you are going to need a fire. Fire also helps keep you warm in the cold climates, and can be used to dispose of harmful waste. Sure you could always start a fire with a lighter, but this may not always be available. Learning how to build and properly maintain a fire is a crucial skill.


If the roof of your shelter begins to leak and you need to patch it, or you need to wall off an area or build a barricade, you are going to need to have a basic understanding of construction. You can’t call a carpenter. You are going to have to know how to board up your doors and windows, and patch up your own roof. You may even chose to build your own shelter. Mankind has been developing the proper techniques for constructing structures for thousands of years. If you are going to attempt to do something like this, you should probably learn and know what you are doing before you start.


Preparing a healthy meal out of whatever you can scrounge up is more of a skill than one would think. There are people out there that can’t even cook an egg. Your body needs food and nourishment to survive, and knowing how to prepare meals that keeps your body healthy is essential.

Driving Instructions

Knowing how to operate a vehicle, both manually and automatic is something that everyone should learn. Cars and other motor vehicles are the most accessible, best, and safest method of transportation that will be available to you after a zombie apocalypse. Knowing how to operate them is something you had better know.

Electrical Engineering

You don’t need to know how to build complex circuitry. However, basic wiring and electrical repair is a great skill to have. Simple things like how to repair a damaged radio, or replace fuses and other electrical components is good to know. Also having a basic understanding of how electricity works is important. It will help you with small tasks such as hooking things up to generators or making lighting fixtures. Electrical work also helps tremendously with automotive repair.

Administering Firstaid

Seeking medical attention may be nearly impossible in the world of zombie survival. Because of that, it is crucial that you know how to properly attend to and treat your own, and other people’s wounds. First aid classes are taught all around the world, and they can definitely teach you the basic skills that may just save your life. It is important to know things like how to properly dress a wound, how to make a tourniquet, and how to set, treat, and care for broken bones. Also, since there are no doctors around to hand out medication and other prescriptions, it is probably best to have a general understanding of what medications are best for treatment.


Meat is an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients. In order to survive, you should know how to track, kill, clean, and prepare an animal for food. Hunting is a very basic skill that is easily learned. There are various methods of catching prey including hunting with firearms and bows, trapping, and pole, or spear fishing. All of these are great ways to help you find food.

Hand to Hand Combat

You are going to need to know how to defend yourself, not only from zombies but from human attackers as well, especially in a post apocalyptic world with no laws. You may not always have the aid of a weapon at your disposal, so it is best to know how to handle yourself. Once you have learned how do fight unarmed, other fighting techniques generally come more naturally.

Knife Fighting

Since knives are such a common and useful tool, and also a very effective weapon, you are likely to be carrying one. It is probably in your best interests to know how to properly use one to defend yourself from zombies and humans alike. Also, knife combat is fairly simple to understand, and once picked up can easily be translated for use with various other types of weapons.

Lock Picking

Unless you are prepared to loudly kick down every door, or blast the lock with a gun, it is a good idea that you learn how to pick a lock. There isn’t any magical skeleton key that will open every lock, so if you want to gain access to a secure location like an abandoned house or store, you will likely come across a locked door. Picking a lock is simple in theory, however much harder in actual practice. Most locks are generally the same. With more practice, the job should get easier.

Target Shooting

Guns and other firearms are perhaps the best way to keep yourself safe from zombies and other attackers. This is because they allow you to engage your target from a much safer distance. Guns are also very deadly and reliable. Learning to use a gun safely and properly is of utmost importance. With practice, guns can be used with great precision increasing your success rate, and also conserving precious ammunition. Firearms can also play a crucial part in hunting and gathering food.

Outdoor Survival

This is a rather broad topic and is very encompassing. If you are going to survive you should know how to perform simple outdoor tasks such as constructing a simple tent or other form of shelter. You should also learn how to forage for food, climb rocks, and learn what plants in your region are safe for human consumption. It is also a good idea to learn what plants may be helpful or hazardous (e.g. poison ivy bad, wild blueberries good). You should also learn what wildlife may pose a potential danger to you (e.g. bears and ticks).


Most of the earth’s surface is water so it is best to learn how to properly move through it. Zombies can’t swim. You should. Swimming is also an excellent way to help keep in shape.
This may seem like a lot to take in at one time, but you and most people already posses at least half of these skills if not more. Remember, you’re not expected to an artisan in every field. It is just recommended that you have a basic understanding in the fields that will help you survive. Learning a new skill is a very popular thing to do nowadays, especially with people looking for new ways to curb their boredom. Subsequently, there are literally hundreds of thousands of “how to” and “do it yourself” books on the market, not to mention the endless articles on the Internet. You can also easily find regular training courses in many of the fields listed. Good luck, and learn all that you can learn while you can.

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