Back 4 Blood is the latest game to be delayed

Back Blood is the spiritual revival of the long-dormant Left Dead co-op zombie-survival franchise.
Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Back Blood has made great impressions with early impressions in closed tests. While the game isn’t launching when planned, Turtle Rock Studios has promised an open beta test this Summer instead.

Few franchises have such an overpowering sense of nostalgia as the legendary Left Dead franchise. Fans of this co-op zombie-slayer franchise have been left without a new entry for over a decade – but that s about to change. Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of the original Left Dead games, is returning with Back Blood, a spiritual successor to Left Dead. Back Blood was supposed to land in June of this year. Unfortunately, Turtle Rock Studios announced today that Back Blood is being delayed. A new release date of October, has been set.

Game delays are becoming increasingly common in due to the shifting nature of work for game developers, so this move isn’t too surprising. Still, the decision to delay Back Blood will inevitably disappoint many excited players. For those players, Turtle Rock Studios has promised an open beta test sometime this Summer.

Back Blood Closed Alpha preview was optimistic that Back Blood could come together as a fantastic spiritual follow-up to the Left Dead series. It s still too early to tell, but Back Blood could deliver on its promises and become one of the best Xbox games around.

Back Blood may have been delayed, but interested players can still pre-order it. Turtle Rock Studios has returned to breathe new life into the formula that made the Left Dead franchise legendary. Early impressions indicate Back Blood may be exactly what players have been waiting for.

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