Reader Submitted Articles

Reader Submitted Articles

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  • Limited approach defense

    Limited approach defense is something that can and should be applied in a variety of assaults. The basic principle is to use mobility against your opponent and allow only a limited number of enemies to approach at once. A small scale example would be a lone defender with a drywall hatchet at the top of the ladder […]

  • Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife

    I’ve messed around with a variety of knife designs through the years, some bigger, some fancier, some cheaper, some more feature-loaded, but I always seem to come back to a similar set of key features in my choice for a fixed blade knife, practically designed for survival, utility, diving, and combat (the ultimate back-up). Look, […]

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    6 Things That Never Make Sense About Zombie Movies

    6 Things That Never Make Sense About Zombie Movies #6 Why Don’t Zombies Ever Finish Their Meal? The premise of this has the underlying assumption that zombies bite people through hunger. And whilst that is one explanation, there is another: aggression. The human body is not exactly the most weaponised structure that evolution came up […]

  • The Transformation Stages

    The stages of zombie transformation are the same that occur in vampires, with two major differences: in zombies, the onset of symptoms and transformation occurs much faster and has no relation to the cycles of day and night. Stage One: Infection. Symptoms of zombie infection appear quickly: within one or two hours, the victim will […]

  • Differences Between Surviving Fast and Slow Zombies

    Differences Between Surviving Fast and Slow Zombies There are some fundamental differences between fast and slow zombies that one must be aware of before one may make a sensible contingency plan for an outbreak of either type of zombie. The “Fast Zombie” Controversy Many Zombie enthusiasts deny that the creatures depicted in 28 Days Later, […]

  • Redeker Plan

    The Redeker Plan (commonly known as “The South African war plan”) is a strategy employed in the fictional world of World War Z, a novel written by Max Brooks. The Redeker Plan is essentially the intentional sacrifice of a large portion of the population in order to save a population in a more defensible or […]

  • survivors village


    Self-Sufficiency. Introduction Most zombie survival plans entail at least some degree of scavenging. But really, how long will you be able to scavenge and hoard? Most food will last anywhere from a few days to a few months, though canned and dried goods will last years if stored properly. A lot of this depends on […]

  • rise_of_the_zombie

    Rise of The Zombie

    Hollywood is coming out with a movie called ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt and Bollywood is about to present ‘Rise of the Zombie’, starring Luke Kenny. While the west has a fixation at a supposedly impending Zombie Apocalypse where Earth becomes the battle ground between humans and zombies, Luke Kenny, here, has dealt with […]

  • Here’s what your Zombie Kit should have

    – Rifle, Shotgun or Assault Rifle. I’d prefer a good reliable sks carbine. semi auto, 7.62×39 mm ammo (same as the ak) and a five round clip. Good all around package…and it’s a relatively cheap to get. If you’re not so strong to carry, get a small 9mm handgun with extended mag and shoulder pad. […]