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  • Alice in Zombieland

    AiZ: Alice in Zombieland (Complete Saga)

    AiZ: Alice in Zombieland (Complete Saga) We came across a website featuring a book saga about zombies. From the looks of it, it’s pretty damn awesome! We have’nt read the saga ourselves, but included the description from the website below. When someone reads it and want’s to do a full review, feel free to do […]

  • A Zombie

    What is a Zombie?

    What is a Zombie? A zombie is the term associated with a person infected by the Solanum virus; however, they are no longer people. In contemporary versions these are generally reanimated or undead corpses. Stories of zombies are as old as the human race, with mentions of them in the oldest known work of literature, […]

  • Zombies – Exterminate or Rehabilitate?

    Yesterday one of our fans, Samantha [email protected]_77, was asked what kind of article she would like to read about. So being all about our fans, we started scribbling right away! First we have to determine what kind of zombies we’re dealing with. Some zombies might never be able to rehabilitate. For example the kind of […]

  • Scavenging


    Scavenging is the act of searching abandoned areas for food, weaponsand ammunition, or other necessities. This is possibly the least hazardous of the three primary ways of gathering supplies, others being Raiding and Looting. Tools of Scavengers Although there are some items that survivors should carry on them at all times when outside their safe […]

  • 3 Places you should go during the outbreak

    Okay lets assume you’re not home or at work when the apocalypse starts. Lets pretend you’re somewhere else and you don’t know the place that well. The apocalypse starts and your plans are far away from you. What places are a good idea to visit? Car tow companies They’re great really, see you could go […]

  • Why boats are the way to go in a zombie apocalypse

    In all zombie movies, books and games the creators were tasked with a very important question: “What can my zombies do?” Can they run? Can they think a little? Open doors? Shamble? Run? It’s always something that has to be compiled into a neat zombie package that fits whatever entertainment is being made. The one […]

  • Husar Noble Plate Carrier, Meindl Safari boots and more

    As you might have noticed, we’ve made a few changes to the site. We removed everything that wasn’t contributing to the genre. For your privacy and safety, we’ve installed an SSL certificate. Tightened up some more security around the site and started using better tools to write our articles. All that and a lot more […]

  • Waterborne, zombieroo from the land down under.

    Waterborne, zombieroo from the land down under. Yes you read the title correctly, It says “zombieroo”. A zombieroo appears to be a zombie kangaroo! Waterborne is a crowd funded, short zombie/horror movie about a waterborne virus that turns you into a zombie. As you might get from the title, the movie is set in Australia. […]

  • Do you have the right mentality?

    This is an article I wrote as a guest post for End of time Survival. Creativity This one is on the top of my list. Why? Because people these days think in problems instead of solutions. You should try this with your own kids or friends. Don’t ask them about one of your problems, because […]