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  • Video: 10 People Who Had Relationships with Zombies

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  • Video: 15 Places to Hide During a Real Life Zombie Apocalypse

    Real life Zombie Apocalypse? Would you know where to go if there was a worldwide zombie outbreak? Find out the 15 safest places to hide in the event of a real life zombie apocalypse. Subscribe to American Eye More Zombie Outbreak Survival Tips source

  • Video: DEAD THINGS RADIO: Marathon (Episode 10)

    Becca, Clyde, Alonzo and Dorris search for a way to escape the growing hoard of zombies. • Based on the Zombie Board Game (created by D M Fitzgerald) Written By: D M Fitzgerald Produced By: Gary A. Rainer Becca: Sasha Payne Alonzo: Peter Miller Clyde: Justin Daube Dorris: Amelia Clover © 2017 DM […]

  • Video: Top 10 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    Top 10 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse. The zombie genre rises and falls in popularity but one thing that remains consistent is not everyone is certain they would survive. These tips and tricks could potentially help you last through the Zombie Apocalypse. Stay tuned to stay alive here on Most Amazing Top 10. Check […]

  • Video: The Walking Dead Season 7 Second Half News Spoilers & Discussion TWD Season 7B EW Article

    We discuss the latest news from the Entertainment Weekly(EW) article that talks about The Walking Dead Season 7. Potential spoiler warning to The Walking Dead Season 7. TWD COMMUNITY FACEBOOK PAGE TWD COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP Thank you for watching The PT Channel Like Share Subscribe & Comment Let’s Keep This Channel Growing! All […]