Sheena Williams

Sheena Williams

Some people call her the gangster of love. Some people call her Maurice… Not really. An evil pirate princess and her parrot in a small hamlet from the great state of Texas raised Sheena. Between stomping out the leprechauns conjured up from the depths of her younger sister’s room, and visiting her other siblings in lands far away. She spends her free time peeling off the yellow wallpaper in the asylum of her mind to bring randomness to the world by pen and paper.

  • Zombies, Science, and Dr. Austin

    At the Zombie Institute of Theoretical Studies Dr. Austin is hard a work spreading the good word when it comes to be prepared to face life’s little challenges… like the zombie apocalypse. Supported by groups such as the Welcome Trust and the University of Glasgow, Dr. Austin spends a good portion of his days trying […]

  • A day with Bruce Spaulding Fuller

    We at Zombie Guide Magazine knows how it is. You’re in a dark theater with your date. You’re holding hands with your date, and suddenly an oozing blood spattered zombie jumps out! Your date squeezes your hand, and you mentally high five yourself for a job well done.  Well you can’t take all the credit. […]

  • Zombie Makeup Artist Interview‏

    Halloween is upon us! And that means that we are looking for the perfect Zombie costume! You can’t just slap some grey face paint on, and paint a red glob around your mouth. You want realism! You want panache! You want someone to be ready to run off at the chance that you are gong […]

  • Zombie Makers: Interview with Rebecca Johnson

    Zombie Makers is a book written by Rebecca Johnson about things that go bump in the night that are very tangible. They are nature’s way of reminding us that everyone is still part of the food chain.   Rebecca kindly took time out of her touring schedule to answer some questions about her book, and what […]

  • Lessons I learned from the Walking Dead

    There is something to be said for the walking dead, the life lessons that  it teaches us. Here are some of the things we here at ZGM have learned. Just because they aren’t friendly doesn’t mean you can’t trust them. Two words: Daryl Dixon. Just because they smile at you mean they are your friend. […]

  • Fun gifts for your Zombiefile

    Let’s find some fun gifts for your Zombiefile ! Maybe you need of for your Aunt Gertrude. Maybe you need your sophisticated cousin Adam needs a gift. How about your next door neighbor’s kid Tommy? we we can’t help you with any of that. Unless Gertrude over there is a zombie fighting badass on the […]

  • Anatomy of Infection

    Zombie Guide Magazine knows that  in any effort you make to categorize the anatomy of infection that is the Z-Virus, it is important for you to understand how a person becomes zombie. To do that, we will take you through a short look at viruses and how they affect humans. There are some things that […]

  • Zombies in Comics Leah Moore-John Reppion

     When we got the chance to interview the creators of the popular comic book series “Raise the Dead” John Reppion and Leah Moore, we jumped at the chance! As the first interview in our Zombie comic series we were excited that they took the time to answer some of the questions from our readers.  For […]

  • Zombie proofing your kids

    In your haste to become the baddest zombie badass on the face of your planet you forget that you have kids. That’s right. Rugrats, ankle biters, shorties, or whatever you call them. They will have to be able to survive the same things you do. So there is no time like the present to get […]