Kelly Gardner

I’m Kelly, zombie enthusiast and apocalypse prepper. I take zombies seriously, so much so that I am currently researching for a PhD entitled “The Emergence of the Sentient Zombie: Zombie monstrosity in the postmodern and Posthuman Gothic”. I am specifically interested in examples of the zombie as a romantic hero, a feeling, loving, thinking zombie. I am an avid reader of Zombie Survival guides and also slowly making my way through every zombie film ever released.

  • How to Speak Zombie- A Guide for the Living

    Social Satire at its very best. How to Speak Zombie- A Guide for the Living by Steve Mockus (Illustrated by Travis Millard) is a zombie guide with a difference. This book takes a humorous approach to the zombie apocalypse and instead of advising on strategic survival plans and modes of combat, focuses on zombie-human interaction. […]

  • The Reapers are the Angels: A Review

    The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell What makes a good zombie novel? Some would say the level of gore, the heart stopping action sequences, the edge-of-your-seat page turning, all brought about by the onslaught of hordes of zombies.  There does seem to be a certain recipe to most zombie themed novels, I suppose […]

  • Dead Set: Big Brother with a Bite

    While zombies are essentially an American invention, the British also have the capacity to produce masterpieces of undead fiction. Before The Walking Dead hit television screens, a relatively unknown series entitled Dead Set aired on British television in 2008. Dead Set, BAFTA-nominated and written by horror mastermind Charlie Brooker, is set in a fictional version […]

  • From Bad to Worse: Zombie Cartoon for Kids

    I would like to share an entertaining clip I have come across. In my exploration of Zombie literature I am always fascinated to find examples of the zombie in children’s literature. The zombie is a totalizing monster and compared to the actions of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, the destruction caused by a zombie apocalypse is […]

  • Plants vs Zombies: It’s About Time!

    Plants vs Zombies is back! And with some added bite! The award winning action-strategy game, which sees the player defend his home with the help of battle-ready plants, has finally released a sequel! With a slew of new ‘power ups’ and the added bonus of enhancing plant food, Plants vs Zombies 2 takes home defense […]

  • Zombieland: The Series

    If you havent done so yet, head on over to Amazon and watch the pilot for the proposed Zombieland series. Amazon is trying a new tactic and releasing a handful of pilots for proposed new series’, they will choose which series will progress to the next stage of production based on audience reviews and ratings. […]

  • After the Fall: Short Story Contest

    For all budding writers out there, a link to an Apocalyptic/Dystopian Short Story Contest! Here are all the details, why not submit a zombie short story and see how you do, the winner will receive a £100 prize and all shortlisted entries will be published in a collection!! Submissions are now being accepted for our […]

  • Book Review: My Life as a White Trash Zombie

    My life as a White Trash Zombie By Diana Rowland   I have just read the final lines of My Life as a White Trash Zombie and feel compelled to write this review, more people need to know about this brilliant book (which also happens to be the first in a series). My Life as […]

  • Must Read: Zombie Anthologies!

    The walking dead have permeated popular culture to such an extent that no visit to a bookshop or cinema goes without encountering some variation of the contemporary zombie. Zombie literature is inescapable, and the sheer volume available is as daunting as a relentless crowd of flesh-hungry foes. With this in mind, I would like to suggest […]