Kelly Gardner

I’m Kelly, zombie enthusiast and apocalypse prepper. I take zombies seriously, so much so that I am currently researching for a PhD entitled “The Emergence of the Sentient Zombie: Zombie monstrosity in the postmodern and Posthuman Gothic”. I am specifically interested in examples of the zombie as a romantic hero, a feeling, loving, thinking zombie. I am an avid reader of Zombie Survival guides and also slowly making my way through every zombie film ever released.

  • Apocalypse: Imagining the End

    I have been a bit quiet of late, as I have been preparing for a very exciting event. This week I will be travelling to Oxford University to present a paper at an academic conference entitled ‘Apocalypse: Imagining the End.’ The conference is a three-day even which will see academic researchers from all over the […]

  • Zombie Dating: Helping the Undead find Love

    Zombie Dating     Finding love, or a compatible romantic partner, is a difficult task nowadays. The chances of finding quality companionship while out on the town, partying the night away, are slim and so people are turning to online dating as a means of finding that significant other.   While finding love is hard […]

  • World War Z app!

      Good news for World War Z fans! If your copy of the Max Brooks masterpiece is in tatters from being re-read to exhaustion and the anticipation of waiting for the film to be released is getting overwhelming, you can now wait out the next few weeks by taking center stage in your own mobile […]

  • Zombie Books to Devour!

    When it comes to choosing a new zombie book to read, the process can become a bit daunting. The exponential growth in popularity of zombie literature has meant that it is a tricky process weeding through the good and the bad. Sometimes, in my quest to veer away from the most common or popular zombie […]

  • How to Speak Zombie- A Guide for the Living

    Social Satire at its very best. How to Speak Zombie- A Guide for the Living by Steve Mockus (Illustrated by Travis Millard) is a zombie guide with a difference. This book takes a humorous approach to the zombie apocalypse and instead of advising on strategic survival plans and modes of combat, focuses on zombie-human interaction. […]

  • The Reapers are the Angels: A Review

    The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell What makes a good zombie novel? Some would say the level of gore, the heart stopping action sequences, the edge-of-your-seat page turning, all brought about by the onslaught of hordes of zombies.  There does seem to be a certain recipe to most zombie themed novels, I suppose […]

  • Dead Set: Big Brother with a Bite

    While zombies are essentially an American invention, the British also have the capacity to produce masterpieces of undead fiction. Before The Walking Dead hit television screens, a relatively unknown series entitled Dead Set aired on British television in 2008. Dead Set, BAFTA-nominated and written by horror mastermind Charlie Brooker, is set in a fictional version […]

  • From Bad to Worse: Zombie Cartoon for Kids

    I would like to share an entertaining clip I have come across. In my exploration of Zombie literature I am always fascinated to find examples of the zombie in children’s literature. The zombie is a totalizing monster and compared to the actions of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, the destruction caused by a zombie apocalypse is […]

  • Plants vs Zombies: It’s About Time!

    Plants vs Zombies is back! And with some added bite! The award winning action-strategy game, which sees the player defend his home with the help of battle-ready plants, has finally released a sequel! With a slew of new ‘power ups’ and the added bonus of enhancing plant food, Plants vs Zombies 2 takes home defense […]