Joanna Prototype

Joanna Prototype

#LiteraryPsychopath, strange enthusiast, aspiring individual, author of A BLOODY ROAD TO NOWHERE AND TALES FROM THE APOCALYPSE, available on Amazon. Find me at Check out my collection of short stories in the Infectious Fiction section.

  • Movie Review: Dead Snow

    So, what could be worse than mindless flesh eating zombies? How about semi-intelligent, flesh eating Nazi zombies. I know, sounds extra unpleasant. Well, that’s exactly what you get in the 2009 Norwegian zombie comedy “Dead Snow”. Combining brutal violence and gore with humorous dialogue, “Dead Snow” delivers the essentials for a fun and exciting zombie […]


    The raft floated along, rocking steadily back and forth with the sway of the ocean current. No land could be seen from any direction. The sun was setting, disappearing slowly below the far off horizon. It had been one day and one night since Cal pushed his homemade raft off of the shore of Palm […]

  • Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance?

    Browsing through articles on the web, I came across this interesting piece, Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance? This article explains the benefits of microgrids and how, in the event of a zombie apocalypse or any other disaster, they could be humanities only chance of survival. I won’t go into an […]

  • Zomnibus: Volume 1

    Hey there Zombie Fans! Got another great collection of zombie comics for you! Zomnibus: Volume 1, published by IDW Comics, collects three awesomely different zombie comics in one volume. Bringing together a group of incredibly talented writers and artists, each with their own unique style. Zomnibus: Volume 1 features three stories. ZOMBIE FEAST, ZOMBIES! ECLIPSE […]

  • Alpha Girl

    When the Moujou cosmetics company starts experimenting with pheromones, they accidentally unleash a gas that turns women into crazed ravenous zombies! With this gas effecting only woman, the men of the world must fight for their lives or fall victim to the newly cannibalistic female gender. Here we meet Judith Meyers, a.k.a Alpha Girl. She’s […]

  • Santa Clarita Diet

    As anyone with a Netflix account already knows, there has been a recent flood of original movies and series on the streaming service. The movies, in my opinion, have been pretty hit or miss, but the shows(at least the ones I’ve watched so far) have all been very good. I have also, my entire life, […]

  • From Hell They Came: Part Five

    Dan, Ricky, and Alisha made their way a bit further into the city. As much as Alisha would have preferred to get back on the road, she understood that Dan and Ricky had a responsibility to their community to get more supplies and if she wanted to go back with them, she’d have to tag […]