Joanna Prototype

Joanna Prototype

#LiteraryPsychopath, strange enthusiast, aspiring individual, author of A BLOODY ROAD TO NOWHERE AND TALES FROM THE APOCALYPSE, available on Amazon. Find me at Check out my collection of short stories in the Infectious Fiction section.

  • Alpha Girl

    When the Moujou cosmetics company starts experimenting with pheromones, they accidentally unleash a gas that turns women into crazed ravenous zombies! With this gas effecting only woman, the men of the world must fight for their lives or fall victim to the newly cannibalistic female gender. Here we meet Judith Meyers, a.k.a Alpha Girl. She’s […]

  • Santa Clarita Diet

    As anyone with a Netflix account already knows, there has been a recent flood of original movies and series on the streaming service. The movies, in my opinion, have been pretty hit or miss, but the shows(at least the ones I’ve watched so far) have all been very good. I have also, my entire life, […]

  • From Hell They Came: Part Five

    Dan, Ricky, and Alisha made their way a bit further into the city. As much as Alisha would have preferred to get back on the road, she understood that Dan and Ricky had a responsibility to their community to get more supplies and if she wanted to go back with them, she’d have to tag […]

  • Nick Nicolaou Tells Us About MARY DOE!

    My name is Nick Nicolaou and I am the writer/producer and eventual director of the feature film MARY DOE. Yea, I’m a comic book geek, love films, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre addict… grew up on a healthy diet of Hammer films and the explosion of special effects make-up horror films of the 80’s… it’s what drives me […]


    So as you may have noticed, we here at Zombie Guide have been promoting the new up and coming zombie movie Mary Doe. We are very excited about this project and want to help the film makers share it with the world. Mary Doe is about a girl with no memory of her past who, […]

  • Freakish, A Hulu Original Series

    It had been some time since I’d watched anything zombie related. I have to admit, for awhile there, I began to feel like all the zombie movies and tv shows I was coming across were just getting worse and worse. Same old story, shittier effects. So when I came across a new original series on […]

  • The Lovely Ladies of!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day zombie lovers! I’ve got a special treat for you on this festive day! We’d like to tell you about the lovely undead ladies that call themselves the Z GirlZ! This sexy site features a number of different zombie models posing for your enjoyment in provocative themed photo shoots. That’s not all. […]

  • Natural Bug Repellent

    So you’ve made it out alive! You’re surviving in the harsh, unforgiving world of the zombie apocalypse. Fighting zombies and raiders, and searching for supplies. Always hunting for a safe place to sleep. Oh yea, and getting eaten alive by the booming insect population. Think about it, there would be dead bodies, general carnage, and […]