Jillian Cornell Michel

I’m a zombie addict, and I spend most of my free time writing about zombies, reading about zombies, and watching movies about zombies. I work in an IP Law Firm as a Docket Trainer during the day, and I write about zombies at night.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse Store

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas. That’s right: there is an entire store dedicated to zombies. They sell zombie books, movies, T-shirts, mugs, and pretty much anything zombie-related. They also sell survival gear (MREs and items for bug-out bags) as well as weapons. And they have a shooting range […]

  • Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

    Most people’s midlife crises result in the purchase of an overpriced sports car or a poorly placed tattoo.  Well, my midlife crisis lead to the writing and publication of a zombie novel (I have neither the money nor the personality for a sports car). I decided to sit down and write my book the month […]

  • Top Five Indie Zombie Books

    Countless authors are choosing the self-publishing route these days for several reasons. The best reason, in my opinion, is that no one can tell them what to write. No one f*cking censors them! This is why I love Indie zombie books so much. The authors have the freedom to write what they want without any restrictions. I’ve […]

  • Horror Hound Weekend

    My husband and I took an eight-hour road trip out to Cincinnati for Horror Hound Weekend. We had never been to this type of event, and we didn’t know what to expect. We heard from several Horror Hound veterans that there were three times as many people at this year’s convention than any of the […]

  • Why The Walking Dead is the Greatest Show on Television

    The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television shows, and it’s especially exciting for zombie fanatics like me. But this show appeals to a wider audience, not just zombie addicts. It’s interesting to watch the characters on The Walking Dead as they struggle to find their place in the post-apocalyptic world. I have […]

  • “Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption” Movie Review

    For some unknown reason, I was wide awake at 6:30 on Saturday morning, so I decided to start my day off with the breakfast of champions: a low-budget zombie B-movie. I searched my instant Netflix list for the word “zombie,” and the first movie that came up was Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption. Netflix gave it two out […]

  • Pop Songs Zombified

    My good friend Ian McClellan recently wrote an article entitled, “Classic Songs Zombified.” Since I’ve worked in intellectual property law for almost ten years, I don’t condone stealing ideas, but it’s OK if you “borrow” ideas from close friends who (hopefully) won’t get mad. So, without any permission whatsoever, I stole Ian’s idea and decided to zombify a couple […]

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

    “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” The first sentence of a novel is by far the most important, and this sentence hooked me with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m a devout Jane Austen fan, and I’m not ashamed to admit […]

  • The Beauty of Zombies

    Venus Justus was an ugly duckling throughout grade school, but she didn’t turn into a swan. No, she grew up to become something much more valuable: a duck that didn’t give a shit. Ironically, Venus’ parents named her after the goddess of beauty, but with her beak nose, weak chin, and mousy hair, Venus was anything but […]