Ian McClellan

Ian McClellan

  • Ian Goes To Comic Con

    I Made the two hour trip up to Tampa to attend Tampa Bay Comic Con on Saturday. I’d never been to any sort of a convention before, but I think I am going to try to get to as many of these as I can from now on. I had a blast, handed out a […]

  • Book Review: The Hanging Tree (A Zombie Novel)

    Welcome to the real zombie apocalypse, where the survivors aren’t Rambo and Riddick, but folks just like you and me. They are flawed. They have issues. One of them even has a mullet. One of my pet peeves with a lot of apocalyptic literature is the superhero main character. You know the guy. He’s like […]

  • Movie Review: Cargo

    In just a little more time then it takes you to read this review (depending on how quickly you read) you can watch the short film Cargo. It’s just over seven minutes long, but manages to pack as much emotional punch as any movie that’s ever won Best Drama at The Oscars. The film starts […]

  • Survival Tips: Using the Foreclosure Crisis to Your Advantage

    I live in Florida and have hurricane shutters for all of my windows and the back slider. Besides hundred-mile-an-hour winds and the debris that often accompanies them, I think they’ll do a good job of keeping out the zombies when the time comes. There are a few problems, though. They’re the panel type that lock […]

  • Movie Review: The Horde (2009)

    I finally got around to watching The Horde this weekend. Actually, since I find dubbed movies to be annoying, I watched La Horde and read the subtitles. If you’re looking for a deep zombie film that makes you think, this isn’t the one. If you’re looking for some non-stop action and carnage, you should definitely […]

  • Season Five Second Half Spoilers

    I can’t say how I came by the following information, because it would destroy the career of a good man who has a family to support. This article contains major plot twists for the upcoming second half of the fifth season of The Walking Dead. If you’re the type of person who gets upset about […]

  • Interview with Paul Loh

    In the coming weeks we will be posting a series of interviews with some amazing authors who have written zombie books. The entire collection of interviews, titled You Are Entitled To My Opinion- Volume 3 is available through Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle All of theses interviews originally appeared in the blog You Are Entitled To My Opinion which is run […]

  • Movie Review: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

    This is my first article as an official writer for Zombie Guide Magazine. Before I start the article, I just want to take a minute to thank Frank for giving me this opportunity, and Jillian, who I know had a lot to do with the decision. I am honored to now call them, along with […]

  • Destroying the Brain(stem)

    I want to preface this article by saying that I’m going to be talking about some medical stuff, but I am not a doctor. I never finished my residency. Also, I never started my residency or went to medical school. Or college. This was just a topic that I got to thinking about when I […]