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  • Jimmy’s Apocalypse

    Jimmy wondered how smug they would be now. He would have loved to run into any or all of them just to see the looks on their faces. He wouldn’t even say, “I told you so,” or anything like that. He wouldn’t have to. He would just look at them and smile, and they would […] More

  • Daniel Boone, Birthday Cake, and Zombies

    This is a quick story within a story that will be in my new book One Undead Step if I ever get around to finishing the damn thing. I hope you love it. If not, then please say you do anyway, because I’m very insecure about these things. Thursday, 17 July 1969 Randy was so […] More

  • Fire and Zombies

    No, this isn’t another song parody post for those who thought I was rewriting Fire and Rain by James Taylor. I wanted to talk about fire as a means of defense against zombies. It seems to me that it is badly underutilized in literature and movies. There are varying opinions as to whether or not […] More

  • The Virus

    It was a beautiful day. The temperature was somewhere in the mid-seventies, the humidity was low, and the sun gleamed radiantly in a sky that seemed to get more blue with every day that had passed since the dead collectively decided they were no longer going to stay all the way dead. Mike had always […] More

  • Beer in the Apocalypse

    Thanks to social media, I now know that every day in a calendar year is some obscure holiday. Today happens to be International Beer Day, which I think is one of the cooler ones. Sure beats the hell out of Rice Pudding Day, which is Sunday. So, in honor of International Beer Day, I thought […] More

  • Destroying the Brain(stem)

    I want to preface this article by saying that I’m going to be talking about some medical stuff, but I am not a doctor. I never finished my residency. Also, I never started my residency or went to medical school. Or college. This was just a topic that I got to thinking about when I […] More

  • Zombie Cruise (A Short Story)

    Poor Brenda Lawson. She’s just trying to have a good time on her cruise, do a little partying, and forget her problems. After a night of drinking and dancing, we find her trying to sleep it off when a little girl shows up in her room looking for someone to help her mother, who is […] More

  • Silencers: Not That Silent

    Growing up in Ireland and New York, where there are some of the most restrictive gun ownership laws in all of Europe and the United States respectively, put me very much behind the eight-ball when it comes to firearms. I’ve spent the last few years playing catch-up. I own a few guns, know enough to […] More

  • The Big N-O in the ZA

    Have you noticed how hot zombies have gotten? I don’t mean hot as in fashionable or trendy, but hot like Salma Hayek’s dance scene in From Dusk Till Dawn. Everywhere you look in the zombie world, the undead are getting more and more doable. Go to any zombie themed Facebook page or Pinterest board and […] More

  • Zombies, Rodney King, and Muscle Decay

    A few days after Rodney king drowned to death, I was talking about his case with a friend of mine who is a former NYPD officer. While I am quick to defend the police when they are using justifiable force, as I believed they were at first, I made the argument that the beating quickly […] More

  • Survival Tips: Using the Foreclosure Crisis to Your Advantage

    I live in Florida and have hurricane shutters for all of my windows and the back slider. Besides hundred-mile-an-hour winds and the debris that often accompanies them, I think they’ll do a good job of keeping out the zombies when the time comes. There are a few problems, though. They’re the panel type that lock […] More

  • Why Zombies Will Be Slow *GRAPHIC IMAGES*

    My dozens of adoring fans will be happy to know I am working on my third novel. It’s a vampire romance that centers around a young woman’s struggle to maintain her humanity while being courted by a powerful, centuries-old vampire that is gothically handsome and very emo. No, I’m just kidding. It’s another zombie book. […] More