Guest Articles

Guest Articles

Our Guest Articles account houses all articles submitted by guest writers. These are usually authors or other people who we have collaborated with, or that we are otherwise connected to. They've offered, or we're asked to write a piece for ZGM. If you're interested in being a guest writer, contact us via: [email protected]

  • Zombierines, by John Moon

    Hey there zombie fans, today we have a very special guest post. John Moon has an awesome idea, not a movie or anything ever done before… He’s going to make, well, read his guest post below and find out yourself. Be sure to help out and fund this piece of awesomeness! Anytime you hear people […]

  • @ShitZombiesSay, an article by Rebecca A. Frierson

    Do you know what zombies say when they moan? SuZSie @ShitZombiesSay on Twitter does. But until a few weeks ago, when the Kickstarter for “her” upcoming book 1001 Things Zombies Say started, few knew who was behind the Charleston, SC based Twitter handle. It’s me, Rebecca A. Frierson. As SuZSie, I also leave zombie apocalypse […]

  • Outbreak Journal: vol.1, by Elvis A Cardona

    Date: 02/05/70 Time: 3:00 p.m. Location: Newark, New Jersey Distance from me: Approx. 250 miles The ten o’clock news on local channel 3, reported some very bizarre and strange activity had been occurring place at a local diner in the Newark area. There were several strange figures committing acts of murder. The reporter interviewed one […]

  • Don’t Eat Cat by Jess Walter

    Don’t Eat Cat By Jess Walter   I find myself drawn to zombie short stories more than to novels. I love a good zombie anthology, as I know I will be greeted with a variety of zombie scenarios or interpretations and if I don’t like the way the story is going then I can just […]

  • Lockdown: An Article by Author Samie Sands

    A zombie Ebook featuring video, photography and art We all love a good zombie book don’t we?! I think I might have read them all and watched most of the films! It was this fascination which led me to write a story of my own. I really wanted to create something unique and exciting, with […]

  • S Johnathan Davis

    A guest post by S. Johnathan Davis

    You probably haven’t heard of me, but someday you will. I’m a geek. More specifically, I’m a horror and zombie geek. I pride myself on having seen and read more than anybody I know in these genres. Why is that important? Well, I’m one of you. I’m a guy who loves this stuff, and I […]

  • Julie, the author of The Complex, by Julie

    The Story Have you ever wondered what life would be like if one day you came home from work and found yourself right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? That’s what happened to Cali Anglin in The Complex. She completed her shift at the hospital where trauma codes were popping up faster than a […]

  • Whimper by Scott Lefebvre

    It was the year the bees died. But first it was the bats. But no one cared about the bats because they dismissed the scientific evidence by ignorantly indulging in the old analogy that bats are just rats with wings. Or maybe mice. But first it was bats and then bees and then birds. But […]

  • LOVABLY DEAD, by Alex Eldrich

    “Nguh…” Kate rolled over to face her fiancé lying next to her on his back. “What, honey?” “Nguhhhh…!” “Oh you poor thing, you’re hungry aren’t you?” She noticed a glob of drool on the corner of his mouth. Grabbing a tissue from the night table she turned back to wipe his lips. Quick as a flash he […]