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    Busting prepping myths: part 2 – guns

    Hey there zombie killers! Ready for busting another great myth? One that will save your life one day? Good, keep reading this… Today’s myth: I need lots of guns to protect myself from zombies Now before you jump to any conclusions, I do think guns are useful for some situations, but not for defending yourself against […] More

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    My submission for man crates

    Okay so the guys and girls over at Mancrates asked me to come up with some useful items for surviving a horror movie! Since I run Zombie Guide Magazine, expect nothing but amazingly useful and serious items to survive the most gruesome horror movies. Ready? Here we go.. 1. Axe Nothing says horror more than a […] More

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    How to pick your melee weapon.

    As many of you might know, the zombie apocalypse isn’t going to start at a convenient time. You’re not going to be sitting at home, with all your gear and supplies at hand. You’ll probably be at work, on holiday, stuck in your car or public transport. So, that also means you probably won’t have […] More

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    Tanks and APC’s instead of a shelter

    Preppers invest large amounts of money in getting their property, family, friends and vehicles ready for any kind of apocalypse. But what they’re basically doing with this, is prepping civilian property for war. You can build a basement shelter, stockpile food, board up windows, build fences and what not all you want. But you’re just building […] More

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    Zombie type: Infected individual

    A deeper look at infected individuals

    As we all know there are several types of zombies out there, but the most controversial of them all is the “infected individual”. I know a person is called that before they turn, but people also refer to zombies who aren’t actually dead as infected individuals. For example in the movie 28 days later (or […] More

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    Sling System, EZ sling

    As many of you might know, you need a good firearm and lots of bullets to put the undead back in their graves. What a lot of people might forget, is that you have to carry your rifle around all day. Plus perform various tasks, while not letting go of your weapon. At a gun […] More

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    The Diary – a short Zombie film

    This is a short film I directed some time back…. It was my first experience directing, editing, sound designing, co writing, etc, etc Hope you enjoy it! If you do please hit like or leave a comment and share with other friends who love zombie films… The point of this film is not to get […] More

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    Pivot Zombie Movie Part 12: Vendetta

    The shocking events of episode eleven has left the group in a whole mix of emotions, fear, sadness, anger and hate. Jane and Rachel were taken by forces of the Cure Control Regiment (C.C.R) for testing as their facility was running low on female test subjects. The guys were left powerless when they were taken […] More

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    A few things that will save your life

    Just some items that you’ll wish you had

    When fighting zombies it’s safe to assume that most people know they need weapons. I’m sure that most of our readers have already come a long way in preparing themselves and have a formidable stack of supplies. So this will not be a full gear list, but just a few items that are often overlooked […] More

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    Pivot Zombie Movie Part 9: Conflict

    With the plan for the day set out for the group; Craig, Rob and David go looking for Rob’s family, Jane and Mark create an inventory for the groups weapons and ammunition and so on, the group continues to survive and thrive living in the base. However the groups rocky past come back to haunt […] More

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