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Assembling A Sick Day Tote Bag

Eventually, you will get sick. Whether it be the Coronavirus, Influenza, or a Common Cold, you will get sick at least once this year. I have learned over the years that not only being sick sucks but having to go outside and get supplies makes it worse. You have to deal with traffic with a headache. You have a deal with people with nausea. People are looking at you as you blow your nose and cough in line. Then you run the risk of them not having what you need, so you’ll have to go to another store with your achy body to start all over again. This is why I assembled all my sick day necessities in a large tote bag while I’m healthy so I don’t need to go out when sick. Assembling one is very easy and it’ll pay off in the long run. Assembling A Sick Day Tote Bag:

The Bag

To begin the assembling you’ll need a large, easy to carry bag. I use one of those beach tote bags because it’s room enough for all my supplies, but not too big that it makes it bulky. If you want you can use a box, I just find carrying bags are easier.


Next, I add bland foods I have eaten when I was sick to help settle my nausea. This includes:

  • Saltines
  • Chicken soup (I use instant noodles for the weight)
  • Applesauce pouches
  • Fruit gel cups
  • Sandwich crackers

I even included some light drinks such as:

  • Lemonade drink mix packets
  • Apple juice boxes
  • Emergen-C Tablets
  • Mini ginger ale cans


This is where I look back to the medicines I commonly use when I get sick. Personalize this to fit your own needs. What I use might not be used by others. To give you an idea to get started, I try to get one pack of:

  • Nighttime cold/flu
  • Day time cold/flu
  • Vapor Rub
  • Anti-diarrheals
  • Cough drops/syrup
  • Allergy
  • Nasal spray
  • Vitamin C tablets


Your sick day tote is designed for yourself, so you’ll want to include items unique to your case. To begin you should get:

  • A thermometer
  • Box of tissues
  • Antibacterial wipes (Check out OH NO! It’s Sold Out! for alternative option)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Check out OH NO! It’s Sold Out! for alternative option)
  • Lotion
  • Chapstick
  • Hot water bottle
  • Puzzle books
  • Novels I don’t care about

Your sick day bag is tailored to your own unique needs. The items listed above are just suggestions to help you get started. To help you make a more concrete list think back to what you used and consumed the last time you were sick. Use these days as the building blocks to begin assembling your bag.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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