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November 10, 1992

Today is another boring day of the same regimen but the only difference is that we are going to have a surprise for Chow since today is his seventh birthday. After dinner McCall serves us a white creamy frosting three layers’ cake with slices of bananas on top of the cake. He gives us giant slices of cake first to Chow then to the rest of us. As I chomped on the cake, I behold that a whipped banana cream pudding was layered in the middle of the cake. Chow is in merriment that McCall remembered his birthday only after a month before he told us when his birthday is. I am a little saddening that I did not have a birthday cake with my family. I am still homesick but getting better on accepting our new family. This is the last time we have birthday cake.

December 25, 1992

Saundra and Chow are able to go with McCall to scavenge for reservoir but they do not go often with McCall. I do not sense why they do not want to go get out of the boring warehouse. I think Chow is too scare to go out of the warehouse while Saundra does not want to be encircle McCall. I do not sense why she does not want to be encircle with McCall.  He is a little strange but I have gotten use to him. This late day we are sitting at the table in the lunchroom talking while I behold at the less branches dark hazel green Christmas’s tree supply with various Christmas’s theme trimmings. After an hour, McCall walk into the lunchroom in a red cotton Santa shirt, pant and hat. He is carrying a supply blue laundry bag over his shoulder.  He walks to our Christmas’s tree while we run over to see what is in the laundry bag.

McCall open the laundry bag to take out us unwrap gifts. McCall gives Saundra a two-hundred-page novel of a romance saga that passes through time ending in the distant future. He told Penne “I wanted to give you a television notwithstanding that a television is heavy to travel back to you.” Penne is given a portable gaming device that last a day. McCall gives Chow a rare first edition comic book of the first superhero group. He gives me an empty seven hundred pages novel with a dark hazel long pen lay at the first page of the empty seven hundred pages novel. I do not sense why he gave me a dark hazel seven hundred pages’ empty novel, I do not sense what to write in the empty seven hundred pages novel but I am in merriment that he has gave me a Christmas’s gift. Our family gets up from the table to give the only gift that we can give McCall a large family hug.  He sits at a table closest to our Christmas’s tree resting beholding as we play with our gifts. McCall smile then get up to walk into the kitchen to cook Christmas’s dinner. Penne, Chow, Saundra, and I are all in merriment thankful that McCall help us have a Christmas together as a real family would have a Christmas day.

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Written by KR Bernard