Apocalypse Badges are awarded to members of Zombie Guide Magazine, by earning “Survivor Points“.  Those of you who have chosen to Join the Survivors, have a chance of achieving legendary status. For special events, unique badges and extra points will be awarded. You get the first badge for singing up and creating a profile on this site. All available badges are listed and explained below. Happy badge hunting, fellow survivors!

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Survivor Points

The following achievements yield the corresponding number of points:

Becoming a Member 120
Yearly Anniversary 120
Write Article/Story 100
Make a Trivia Quiz 100
Make a Personality Quiz 100
Add a Gallery 50
Make a Versus Poll 30
Make a Meme 20
Submit a Video 10
Vote on Items 1


As a runner you're a new lone wolf, roaming the streets of your now zombie infested city. You use the few belongings in your backpack to make it out of this ghoul infested hell hole alive, in the hopes of surviving past the next street corner. Always hungry, alone and amidst the terror. But you are determined to do what you can, using your quick thinking and skills learned from a hard life to push on. Smashing skulls and fighting ill meaning fellow humans until you reach the end of the suburbs, you can smell your freedom.

  • Objective: Create an account at Zombie Guide Magazine


You've made it past the first few days, the city is long behind you and your supplies have run out. But the important thing is, you're alive and not infected! Scavenging in these days is the best option for your survival. Avoiding the undead, while rummaging through the homes and businesses left vacant by their now rotting owners. Fridges still have fresh produce in them, the power grid hasn't gone down and life on the edges of the countryside and small towns is doable.

  • Objective: Earn 600 Survivor Points


We're a few months into the apocalypse now. Most humans and domesticated animals have been turned into food by the undead. Those alive during the first few weeks have mostly parished as well. When there was nothing left to scavenge, they turned on each other or went mad. Some are still out there, bases and compounds have formed in remote locations. Some run by good people, others by ruthless gangs. You've built yourself a decent hideout and gathered enough weapons and ammo to hunt the wildlife out there. For now, you are one of the few survivors.

  • Objective: Earn 1800 Survivor Points


After being on the run and surviving the first few months of the apocalypse, you ran into a group of likeminded people. Together you have found a location suitable for a compound, safe from the undead. It's wall are thick and high, there is plenty of ground for farming and the sturdy buildings will last you for generations to come. There is still much work to be done to make this place a real home. Not to mention the constant threat of your fellow humans. Now, lets see if composting the zombies was a good idea or not.

  • Objective: Earn 5400 Survivor Points


Your idea to compost zombies was a great succes! Not only do they provide a steady stream of fertilizer for your settlement, they are a sustainable way of ridding the earth of their presence. The people in your group, which has grown to a substantial size by now, are all looking up to you as their leader. After a short process of voting, placing the correct checks and balances, you have been voted as leader of the settlement. Until the next election, it is now up to you to settle disputes and set the course your people will take into the future.

  • Objective: Earn 16000 Survivor Points


Rumor has it there is a safe zone, but to you and your group, this is not a rumor. You have delivered your people to the promised land, a settlement so vast and well organized it resembles the civilization we once had. The legend of you roams across the region as survivors and lone travelers speak of your actions and the settlement under your command. Your undying commitment to saving humanity, ruling with honor and compassion has turned your very being into a living legend. You have been crowned.

  • Objective: Earn 60000 Survivor Points


To get messages across the desolate wasteland, dodge zombies and make it to the next settlement. In time for them to prepare for the massive horde approaching at a slow, but never ending steady pace. We need Spartan Warriors capable of marching long distances with incredible speed! In reality, this means we really appreciate people sharing our content. Share any post from this site on your Twitter account and tag @ZombieGuideM with hastag #badgemeup You will be rewarded with this badge on your profile and 100 Survivor Points to rank you up.

  • Objective: Share any post from this site on Twitter and tag @ZombieGuideM with hastag #badgemeup

Published Author

Are you a published author? Either self published or traditional? Send your book link to [email protected] and we will add this badge to your Zombie Guide profile. In addition to this badge you get 200 Survivor Points to help you climb the ranks.

  • Objective: Submit your book link and have an account on this site

Discord Member

For members of our Discord Server, we have this badge to add to your profile. It comes with a whopping 500 Survivor Points. Let one of the admins on the Discord server know you've joined and we will add this to your profile!


This badge is for official staff members with admin status only.

Staff Member

This badge is for official staff members, it belongs to people who have joined the crew that manages ZGM.