An Intimate Look at Rick Grimes’ Colt Python

python-header-3Few zombie weapons are as recognizable as Rick Grimes’ revolver. It may not be the most effective weapon, but it makes a grand statement and is an extension of the character’s personality.

Will you have a personal statement in the apocalypse? Maybe you’ll want a sword, as Michonne, quiet and deadly carries. The silent but practical crossbow may be to your liking. Or perhaps you just want a nailed baseball bat. Whatever the case, it can be a great morale boost to carry your trusty or storied weapon or tool at your side.

The fine and knowledgeable folks at Lucky Gunner have put together a detailed look at Rick’s revolver, weighing in its advantages and disadvantages, history, and personality.



If you’re a fan of the series, want to up your own character with more than an ounce of intimidation, the rare and powerful Colt Python might be your choice. It may not be the most effective or practical weapon, but neither is an armored Humvee the best means of transit.

Read more about the colt and the rest of the review over at Lucky Gunner Labs.

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