Alpha Girl

imageWhen the Moujou cosmetics company starts experimenting with pheromones, they accidentally unleash a gas that turns women into crazed ravenous zombies! With this gas effecting only woman, the men of the world must fight for their lives or fall victim to the newly cannibalistic female gender. Here we meet Judith Meyers, a.k.a Alpha Girl. She’s a seventeen year old chain smoking, punk rocker with a ‘I’ll do what I have to do’ attitude, on a mission to get her little brother, Buddy, out of juvenile detention. While going about her everyday life of working at a book store and selling her bodily fluids to strangers, this girls only zombie outbreak unfolds around her. Judith is one of few women who, for varying reasons, is unaffected by the gas. So off she goes, through this madness, to break out her brother and find out what’s happening. Along her way she makes some friends, like Frank, who has been left alone, but not unenthused. She, of course, also kicks plenty of zombie ass!

This is an ongoing series from Image Comics written by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning. First released in February of 2012, it’s currently on it’s fifth issue and is available to download from





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