Alexander Pain

My name is Alexander Pain. I’m a historian of sorts. I chronicle the future yet to come. It’s a future filled with shuffling hordes of zombies. These fearsome–yet pitiful–creatures have but one mission: destroy and consume humanity. In their quest to destroy us and snuff out the spark that makes us special, the Zombies also unite us. They force the living to set aside long held differences and work together to survive. When the zombies come to cities, we can’t be Black, White, Asian, Indian or Hispanic. The best we can hope to be is alive today, tomorrow, and for some of the next week.

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Written by Frank

Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a little hobby project. As you can see, it has grown a bit beyond that. I enjoy working out, gaming and hiking. Combining all those, I hope prepares me for the upcoming apocalypse.

I hope you enjoy your stay, make a profile and join the survivors!