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A Little Something to Think About

I recently was looking through google to find funny zombie jokes and despite my search for humor I ended up coming across this photo. A Little Something to Think About… It reads,

image“The population of the world is 6,894,594,844. Assuming that a zombie virus was airborne, waterborne, and spread through bites and scratches then only the few who were immune would survive. A reasonable number of humans who are immune to an apocalyptic virus would be 0.1%. This means that 6,894,595 people would be immune to the virus. This means to eliminate every zombie each person would have to kill 999 zombies. If each person killed one zombie per day it would take less than three years to eliminate every last zombie. After this event was over it would take 17 generations of repopulating to bring the worlds population back up to 6,894,594,844.”

It’s definitely something to think about, and it poses a great number of questions. It’s an interestingly different way to think about the zombie apocalypse. However, I’m not so sure it would be as easy a wrap up as this makes it seem. Assuming the virus was airborne and waterborne, then how would that work? Would it be like in The Walking Dead? Where everyone who isn’t immune is infected, but they show no symptoms until after death? Or would this be the kind of airborne virus that makes people ill and eventually causes death? The two scenarios play out quite differently. You’ve likely seen the first scenario playing out on TWD, but the latter takes the zombie virus in a different direction. Imagine almost everyone on earth suddenly getting sick and dying. Literally, all at once. Only the immune survive the initial outbreak. Then also we must remember all of the immune that will perish in the aftermath of the rise. When almost everyone on earth rises again as zombies, almost all at once. So in this scenario, assuming their are any survivors, the amount of survivors would be much fewer than actual number of immune and it’d be easy to believe that humans could go extinct.

Assuming however, that it did play out like the picture describes, I wonder what the world would be like when it’s finally completely repopulated? How different would the world be? Would the population ever get back up to the current number? After all, some countries are currently considered overpopulated. So the biggest question is, would it be better off if it didn’t?

What do you think?

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Written by Joanna

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